Zara’s first birthday

First of all I want to wish HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY to my darling DINI ZARA BINTI AHMAD FAIZ. Mak and ayah wish you a good health and a happy life ahead.

Zara was born on 6.35am on 10th of September and yesterday at 6.35am I wished her happy birthday. She is already up with big smile and ready to play.

I supposed to upload this entry yesterday, but tak sempat. Busy entertaining Zara the whole day and cook for berbuka 😉 Yes, no param for 3 days already.

I took a day off yesterday and I spent my time at home with Zara and hubby. I am glad I did it and Zara is such a happy and active toddler. Dah upgrade from baby to toddler. How time flies, eh?

I make her usual chicken porridge for lunch and dinner, She like the porridge to have more soup. For dinner, I cooked chicken sambal and steam some egg tofu with bak choy together with white rice. We still have some bread pudding leftover and not forgetting, we had the ice cream cake for Zara’s birthday.

I will upload the picture later. It is still in the digicam and digicam is not with me now.

Anyway, happy fasting to all of you and thank god it is Friday! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Zara’s first birthday

  1. Thanks auntie Syiq, auntie Kem and auntie Adjue 😉
    Zara dah besar dah.. makin nakal ni..
    Birthday party? aiaiiii tunggu lepas raya kot ek Kem

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