Eid-Savvy-Pam Leaving :(

This is our raya picture for the year 2009. Zara is not in blue coz her mother did the raya shopping at the very last minute. Not many baju kurung for kids in blue. I like her cotton kurung though. She looks so sweet in it right? Btw, ignore her cranky face :p Pagi raya nak berdukung je. I dunno why.

The blues

The blues

Zara pandai salam nenek

Zara pandai salam nenek

Btw, after travelling about 1200km this raya, we only spent 11 cents per km. Not bad huh? I love my savvy, or some people call it “sawi” haha. Berjasa sungguh.

On a sad note, I am losing one of my best friend at work. I can call her my colleague but I prefer to call her my coffee mate/gossip mate. Our former boss said that Pam stretch of cubicle is called Hollywood Blvd. :p I am so gonna miss her. There is too many good memories and I hope more good memories will come and we will always be friends. I will go back to KL and hopefully have some time to spent to visit Pam in Klang. Last time, Muara Klang is famous for its seafood. Need to revisit the place soon. I may not see my coffee mate everyday but I will remember her everytime I had my nescafe at work. Take good care Pam and hope you will have fun at your new workplace. You will definitely be missed.

Me, Zara and Pam just before dinner at Feringghi

Me, Zara and Pam just before dinner at Feringghi

Good night everyone. OMG as I am typing this, it is already Monday. I am officially having Monday blues as usual. Urgh~


One thought on “Eid-Savvy-Pam Leaving :(

  1. my ever Long Distance Nescafe Buddy..thanks for the wonderful dinner 🙂 i shall come to Penang and have coffee with you hopefully someday soon! btw, need to shift Hollywood Blvd to the parallel row across di :p

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