My shopaholic mom ;)

My mom is in town and it feels good to be around family members. No, I am not talking about my own mom; it is my other mom from Kangar. She is such a sweet lady. She brought some homemade Roselle’s drink for us.

Actually, my mom came all the way from Kangar for a seminar and the organizer decided to have it at Teluk Kumbar. It is held at one of the chalet in Teluk Tempoyak to be exact. Of course the food is great there. You can have all the fresh seafood you want, you name it. Knowing my mom, I know she won’t be happy there. She said she kept on counting the fisherman boat since morning and she is getting really board. She is a type of woman that love to window shop and end up buying some stuff for herself and her hubby. She had great taste, never say no to good looking handbag and shoes 😉

The first night, we thought of just melepak around the chalet and have good seafood for dinner. Apparently it was not enough for my mom. She asked personally if we can bring her to the nearby Queensbay mall just to jalan2. Actually we already plan to bring her there, so last night we brought her to the mall and she is so happy. You can never separate a shopaholic with her mall, can you? This is what she told us last night “Depa pi buat kursus kat tepi pantai bot2 nelayan semua mak dah puas tgk. Patut letak mak kat bukit jambul ka, komtar ka best jugak” Lol~ She brought back a shoe for herself, clothes for my father and two novels for her to kill her time. All done in 1 hour time frame. Hebat!

I left my camera at home and my handphone’s battery was empty, so no picture for today.

Btw, did I tell you that we had a 1.05kg Kerapu there? Darn expensive but it is all worth it. It is super fresh and delicious! It looks exactly like this one:

Ikan kerapu / Grouper

Ikan kerapu / Grouper


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