Zara can walk!

My lil girl is just over 13 months and she can walk independently now. It is about 7 steps from the fridge to the kitchen cabinet but heck, I am happy! I think she is hiding her talent so that we would still carry her around. :p She is also afraid of falling down. Jatuh je buat muka kesian. Sungguh girly girl anak mak ni. I am happy! Good job darling Zara.

Btw her new nickname, thanks to daddy, is Pandini. Want to know why? If you don’t notice it yet, Zara’s full name is Dini Zara, hence the “dini” portion. Right after confinement, I wanted to shop at Padini concept store and she burped and vomit all over the floor. Malu den! Lepas tu segan nak masuk kedai tu and last month we revisit the “muntah” place. Teheeheee :p Seb baik takda orang ingat muka2 kami ni.


2 thoughts on “Zara can walk!

  1. wa, congrats zara.. suruh mak ambik gambar byk2 n post ok.. 😉 hopefully eham will follow ur footsteps soon.. dia skrg ni pun sibuk suru pegang tgn nak bertatih.. berdiri pun dah boleh sendiri dah.. time flies kan nette.. cepat je besar.. bile tgk balik gmbr eham mase baby, rindu tul..

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