Kisah hujung minggu (lepas..)

Al- kisaaah..

I am now at home, on leave and off from work. I am at first quite hesitant. Kes nak simpan cuti for holiday hehe. But since the company asked everyone to take 4 days floating leave in Q1, then I thought I am going to take the day off sooner or later so here I am at home. Babysitting Zara and doing the usual house chores.

The main reason why I need to take two days off is because, I feel sorry for hubby. He had been babysitting Zara for 3 days in a row. Not an easy task, coz he needs to work from home at the same time. You might ask what happened to the babysitter. She had an emergency and had to attend to her daughter in the hospital.

It started when Kak Maria, the babysitter, and the whole family decided to went out to a kenduri kahwin last Sunday. Since her daughter is having usual menstrual cramp, they decided to leave her alone at home, just for a few hours. She is 15 and just done with her PMR. I don’t really know what happened but her daughter took the panadol more than the recommended dosage and after a while she felt really dizzy and passed out at home. I guess the pain is unusual and she can’t take it anymore. Before she passed out, she cried for help from a neighbor but when the neighbor came over she was already on the floor tak sedarkan diri. The key was hanged on the other wall and the neighbor couldn’t do anything. They called Kak Maria and they all rushed back from kenduri. She is just a kid, maybe she doesn’t know about the danger of drug overdose.

From Kak Maria’s story, they tried to admit her at one of the private hospital but the hospital won’t take her because she is under age and she got drug overdose case. In other words, it became a police case when under age is abusing the drug. They had police officers taking statements in the hospital. They even inquire about her condition, the family condition, or whether she is committing suicide? Takkan la semua panadol overdose sbb nak commit suicide? And the strange thing is, when they admit the poor girl to the GH, there were 5 other similar cases. The consequence is she had to clean her stomach and not able to eat solid food for days. I am no medical expert but I know one thing for sure, it must be a very painful experience. All those wires hanging and food from the tube. Errkk..

I guess as parents, we must educate our children about the correct use of drugs and medicine. Plus, you can use other remedy besides over the counter drugs like panadol. Unless it is too strong a pain, tell them to go for a checkup at the nearby clinic. There is no use of becoming your own doctor and endanger yourself at the same time.

In that note, please take good care of yourself. Live life to the fullest and appreciate your health.


9 thoughts on “Kisah hujung minggu (lepas..)

  1. i became more careful with paracetamol after baca kat paper ada budak std 1 yg mati due to overdose of paracetamol.. kena careful with ubat2 camni sbb tu kalau adam demam ke apa, aku prefer pg terus klinik amik ubat baru yg ada prescription drpd bagi ubat lama yg dah simpan dlm peti.. sbb x sure with the dosage kan..

    hope the babysitter’s daughter will be ok.. kesian dia..

  2. I blame her parents in a way because left her alone in pain at home. Though it just a period pain, she’s just a kid. My mom never left us alone at that age. Tetambah tengah sakit gitu. Tak ke rasa risau ek. I mean.. ehmm..

    • Betul gak ek caza. Babah budak tu ada gak ckp dia menyesal tinggalkan anak dia kat rumah n pergi kenduri. Itu lah, jd parents ni mmg kena careful. Kena pikir betul2 before decide on something. Tp 15thn shd be big enough kut kalau nak tinggal sorang2 tp in this case, budak tu sakit kan. Ntahlah, benda nak jadi 🙂

  3. nette mcm kes noi je. tp masa tu kecik lg la about 3 yrs old.
    Too clever n been trained that if sakit kita mkn ubat. Bahaya if budak2 x takut ubat mcm noi kecik2.
    Pnh overdose and masuk ward which wayar berselirat kat hidung sbb makan Cortal satu papan. 😀

    • Waaa.. Noi pon pernah experience ek. Tp 3 yrs old kecik sgt lg tu. Ubat sepatutnya parents kena simpan kat tpt selamat. Sama mcm Noi la, Nette dlu pon suka makan ubat haha. Semua ubat mmg mak sorok dr kami yg suka makan ubatni haha :p

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