My 101st entry

I just realized my last entry is the 100th.

This entry is dedicated to my beloved hubby, en Paiz and my lovely daughter, lil Zara. They are the reasons why this blog exists at the first place. My life won’t be as exciting and adventurous without them. I love both of you with all my heart.

In another note, Zara got some slight fever, around 38 degree last night and she is coughing. The coughing part makes me worried. Please please please get better soon my dear. Oh risau!


4 thoughts on “My 101st entry

  1. Hmm..sorang lagi demam & batuk..
    Please monitor selalu coz batuk musim ni agak teruk n agak susah sikit nak baik la nette..

    Tina aritu setiap kali batuk taking around 15minute..kesudahannya muntah berlambak…

    Hope zara tak macam tu la..kesian..

    • Thanks Sha!
      Nasib baik demam dah kebah. Ni tinggal batuk sikit2 n selsema lg. Mmg tgh musim sbb kat office ni pon ramai yg mengadu anak demam n batuk.

      Kesian kat Tina batuk teruk haritu. Sha try la kasi supplement utk kuatkan badan dia. 🙂 Nette pon baru start kasi Zara honey n scott’s emulsion.

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