November rain

The title above is unrelated to what I am going to write. It is just that I love this song from guns n roses and currently been listening to it on youtube. I am such an old soul, I know :p

Anyway, I am so thankful that my dear Zara is now fully recovered from fever. She had a little bit of coughing and her nose dried up. She did vomit for 2 times and that’s about it. All in all she took about 4 days to recover. Alhamdulillah.

The paed prescribed her with antibiotics besides the usual fever and flu medication but as usual, I did not give any to her. I wanted her to develop her own antibody and become stronger for the next round of flu season. We’ll see how it goes. Sometimes I don’t get this paed. I thought we should let our own antibody to fight to build a better immune system? I know it’s a bit risky because she is just over a year old but she need to start somewhere right? It will only get worse the next time when evil flu will attack again.

Zara in front of tv

Going to be 14 months and growing 😉

Next on my mind is of course, the question of weaning Zara from the b*reast. I am not really sure how to begin or when to begin. I guess I will just let it go with the flow. I will follow her sign. Whenever she is ready, the weaning process will be easier. This is the best advice I had so far. Others are too abrupt a change and too much an effort for me. Yes, I am lazy like that. You may asked, what about time to cuddle with the other big “baby”? hehe.. We will always find the time 😉

Tenyeh hidung

Zara exploring her nostril :p haha

Btw, I need an opinion on which type of cloth diaper I should try for Zara? Since her wetting is rather little and sporadic nowadays. I don’t want to spend too much money changing disposable diapers every 4 to 5 hours. I might as well try the cloth diaper. I heard from a friend at work that coolababy cloth diaper is having a promotion now.  It is made in china and the quality is comparable with the U.S. ones. Any experience using cloth diaper? If I were to use it for day time only, how much should I buy for a start? I am confused about the sizing too. Help please~


6 thoughts on “November rain

  1. aku cuma nak cakap yang gambar zara korek idung tuh gila kiut habis.. hahaha tapi kalau orang besar wat gitu menggelikan kan? heheh..

    aku tak jadi nak continue with my plan nak wean night feeding afra cam aku cakap dalam blog ritu..satu sebab risau 2 years plan tak tercapai kalau aku dok skip night pumping.. hari first nak night pumping dah fail.. muhahaha.. secondly, afra’s night feeding dah back to normal. 2 feeding through out the night. i guess he somehow knew that mama talked behind his back in hahaha..

    • Cazaaaa~
      itulah kelebihan jd budak kecik ni. semua pon nampak cute haha.

      aku pon sama dgn ko. cancel nak wean night feeding atas faktor2 maknye kalau dah tido takkan nye terjaga malam2 nak pump. tu belum kira cuci-mencuci lg. adeh. a big letter M = Malas. Now ni anytime zara kejut aku direct feed je la. mata pon ala2 tak bukak :p

      Afra mmg pandai menghidu mak dia mengumpat2 ni ye haha. btw, mmg last time dia duk bangun kerap tu maybe growth spurt kut ek :p

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