Bear bear

Zara’s favorite word beside “ayah”, “nyam nyam” and “ma” is “bear bear”. She is now 14 months and like to play with all her soft toys. Her favorite will be the two bears I got from Jusco and Kiki the monkey. Apparently they were smaller and cuddlier and resembles a baby to her. She called them her bear bear. She started this habit of gathering all her soft toys around her legs and also a few pillows will act as barrier where she will start talking to them and feed the bear bear with anything she have in hand. my body splash and small shower foam is her current favorites.

Hai la Zara, aren’t you too young to be a mommy? I guess children as little as 1 year old can practice role playing. I bet she is going to be a good actress someday. Hahaa~ :p Ok, not that mommy doesn’t approve actress as one of future profession but it is too glamorous and controversial. You can act all you want in school play and what not ok lil one.

Btw, ayah said that professional athlete on the other hand can be exciting. We’ll see about that.


8 thoughts on “Bear bear

    • mommy yuda, of course boleh! hahaa.. ye kan aje la :p baru main jd mak.. belum main masak2 nnt org igt besar jd chef pulak :p

  1. awww.. comellnyee.. zara tak main masak2 ke.. faiz ni mesti nak zara jd athlete je. bahaya tau athlete perempuan seksi gaks pki suar pendek.. kekekekekekee

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