Nangnak.. eh nanak.. :p

Guess what am I doing now? Zara refuse to go to sleep and keep on pointing to the door. She said “nanak” whenever I asked her to close her eyes and sleep. She is laughing out loud right now watching her current favorites, Upin&Ipin. She can recognized them and said “betubetubetu” :p hehe cuteness! On top of that, she refused to wear her pants :p See the pic below. Mmg budak nakal :p

Cheeky girl :p watching betubetubetu :p

Right now she is munching cookie crisp cereal sambil tak berkelip tgk upinipin :p my guess is, i need to wait for another hour before she decides it’s time to go to sleep. tomorrow’s monday! omg another hectic week ahead :p


6 thoughts on “Nangnak.. eh nanak.. :p

    • itu la kak cik. letih la lepas ni nak pujuk dia suruh tido. tp lepas main bola n makan cereal, cepat je tido. bagus tayah nyanyi byk2 lagu kat dia :p letih ooo

  1. comelnya zara.. nowadays we are not the master of our life anymore kan.. the young master now dictates the time we sleep and whether it’s enough the next morning.. xde can dah tido lepas dinner or nak golek2 atas katil sampai tgh hari.. huhuhuhu..

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