I am fully awake at 3 am ^.^

Now that I’ve become a mother, everything seems to be in a rush. Bathing in a rush, powdering in a rush, driving to the office in a rush, cooking in a rush and yes, everything accept sleeping lah :p As a results, everything that I have done is not up to my standard. I don’t have that high of a standard to begin with. Adeh. I feel that my house is in a mess most of the times. Clothes are piling like mount kinabalu. Thanks to hubby, the piles are of the clean ones. Hubby rajin basuh baju tp tak rajin lipat baju. He said I have certain way of folding the clothes and he said he better not show off his folding “skills” nnt kena hentam. Ye la, lipat senget2 buat pening kepala je kan kan?

As a result, I am up and awake from 3am until now to fold the clothes, do some dishes and sterilize the bottles and pumps. I did some farming in between (of course sempat hehe :p) and I ate some rice with tofu and veggie leftover from dinner. Senang nak cuci periuk tak payah tunggu esok. If I go on doing this several days a week, I think I will be a fat lady with a big black eyebag. Ewww buruknya! I need help mainly to get organised. Time is never enough mcm mana? For now, tutup sebelah mata and ignore the mess. Yes, ignorance is bliss. Weekend nnt kita mop lah lantai dapur ni ye sayang. By “kita” I mean my hubby la because he said he loves to mop. hehehe :p Ok, nak continue lipat kain and take a nap before I got to start the cycle all over again.

Mantra today: Folding is fun, folding is fun, folding is fun….


5 thoughts on “I am fully awake at 3 am ^.^

  1. i know how u feel.. masa duk in between ‘bibiks’ hari tu aku pun pening kepala tengok rumah.. hubby kata ignore aje tapi stakat mana la boleh ignore kan.. sampai certain level tu geram jugak.. mula la nak membebel bila orang tak tolong.. heheheheh…

    cepat zara besar tolong mak lipat baju! :p

    • Kam, Zara mmg rajen tolong cuma dia tak tahu mcm mana. :p Dia tolong hand out baju time aku sidai baju and tolong lipat juga. Cuma lg byk main dari lipat hehe~~ Cute :p

  2. Sometimes I also awake at this hour. Reading this, I understand how it is… my house also always in a mess and I’m rushing to do everything! Don’t worry, it will be much better once they are bigger, unless your preggy again with 2nd. 🙂

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