Sunday already? hmppphhh!

Time flies and yes, I wish I got another 24 hours before Monday come. :p

Zara woke me up at 4a.m., merengek2. I guess she feels uncomfortable. She grind her teeth and yes ladies and gentleman, another set of gigi geraham atas (maxillary molar teeth) is coming her way. Toss and turn and can’t sleep. She point to the door and start smiling as soon as I woke up. Dah sampai couch apa lg, she point to the dvd player and said “pinipin” :p pandai la kamu. In my heart “habis la, pukul berapa nak tido balik ni?” and I yawn.

Half an hour after a few rounds of upin ipin, she asked for some snack. I gave her some kerepek ubi, her favorite and a small slice of oranges. A few moments later, she poo poo and then I need to clean all her mess in the kitchen.

I asked her again after cuci mencuci if she wants to go to sleep she said “namau”. Ok habis lah dah pukul 5 lebih ni. There goes my nap before subuh :p She continue watching upinipin and happily played with her new cooking set that we bought last night from tesco. Only 9 ringgit and she loved it. Those expensive toys takmau main ye Zara? Memilih kamu ni :p

Around 6 she seems tired and yawn several time. She hugged me and said “dodo”. Ok it is time to sleep, finally! I got her to the room and after nenen she fell asleep. Here I am now, waiting for laundry to finish and then sidai baju it is. Sunday is already here and I am 2 hour short of sleep. Mcm mana? harus join Zara for afternoon nap nnt.

Btw, I plan to make chicken sandwhiches in pita bread. We’ll see how it goes. Kalau anak dara tu bgn lambat la. She might wake up any minute now. Ok people, happy Sunday!


6 thoughts on “Sunday already? hmppphhh!

  1. bagus zara pandai sebut words.. bagus2.. so it is true what the book say, that girl memang cepat tambah vocabs than boys.. hehehe.. afra walaupun dah tahu sesket, cakap nye tak mau… nak sebut mama kat aku pun tak mau.. hahahah.. sekali sekala dia sebut awwww my heart melts.. hehehehe..

    • caza, si zara baru 2 3 hari ni je panggil “mak” dgn clear nya. selalu panggil “ma” tu pon time aku takde. Pelik juga. Panggil ayah dr dulu lg bukan main clear. :p saje kut kasi mak tertunggu2 ni… afra pon sama la ni hehe.. kasi cair lebih sikit heheee

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