Our lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday goes with easy to prepare meal.

Pan roasted chicken breast with salt, pepper and steak seasoning

The chicken meat stuff in pita with lots of sauce and mayo 😀

Someone is busy cooking too :p

Makan terus la.. sedapnya i masak!

mak, pinipin please :p

Sekian. Pic of the daddy takde, because it is too sexy for viewing. Nama pon lazy sunday, pakai baju pon lazy juga.

Not to forget, thank you so much to hubby for cleaning the messy floor and vacuuming. I love you~~ 😀


6 thoughts on “Our lazy Sunday

    • Western food is generally simple to prepare right? We will have it once in a while but I am a rice person Pet, always need to have rice for my meals hehe :p

  1. simple meal tapi yummmy! 😛

    p/s – dah besar ye Zara. ingat lagi masa aku accidentally pergi kenduri kau kat Perlis years ago. haha 😉

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