Dinner: Mushroom high

We prepared our dinner in less than 1 hour with Zara shouting for attention. Thanks to hubby for helping with the cooking and I just finished cleaning up a few minutes ago. I am also done with sterilizing zara’s bottles and teats fuuhh. I woke up from my slumber around 2.30am, feeling the urge to go to the restroom. The bedroom is too cold even with the fan set at minimum speed. I rubbed my eyes when I saw something blinking near my bedroom window. Ahhh that must be it, hubby la ni pi bukak tingkap cari the perfect place for our new P1 modem. As of now, the “excellent” signal strength means nothing and the page is loading like forever. Hubby said it is due to the big hill behind our apartment blocking most of the signal. Ye la tu, alasan. This P1 wimax better work SOON, dah malas nak pakai digi broadband yang asyik disconnected after few minutes. At this rate, it is worst than dial up muahahaha (gelak sedih). Ok lah, here’s some picture to make you drool (i am talking about the food, not my comel daughter ok :p).

Our version of oriental salad :p nyumm

Eggs filled with fresh shitake mushrooms and onions

Oyster chicken with shitake mushrooms. Sedaaap!

Si comel tak sabar nak makan :p

The theme for our dinner is mushroom mushroom mushroom. Fresh shitake grown in gunung Jerai, organic lagi. Memang sedap coz it got a beefy taste to it. I love mushroom~

Anyway, thanks for dropping by and yes, I am frustrated with the internet connection and I want to finish this book I am reading fast. Part best nih. It is quite a surprising story line. It is so romantic that I wish I am in Ireland countryside right now enjoying views of the green mountains and hills. I wish I can go for a tour in europe. Dream on, maybe not in a few years kot. A note to self; need to beef up our vacation fund. On another lighter note, at least my lovely sis is enjoying herself now. I ENVY you kak cik. Lekas2 balik n upload gambar. Update blogmu yg penuh sawang sekali ok. Love from us in Penang and take care 😉


8 thoughts on “Dinner: Mushroom high

    • Kam,
      You are up so early 😉 hehe prepare for breakfast ke?
      I will update with recipes soon. Semua main letak gitu je, takde measurement. Will try to post the recipe for you ok. hehe

  1. Great! the food looked so tempting.. dahla aku puasa minggu nie..

    bukannye bangun buat breakfast.. adam jatuh katil.. terkejut kitorang.. hahahahh! katil punyela besar boleh jatuh gak si kenit tu.. then xleh tido.. kena baca buku baru boleh tido balik.. :p

    • omg haha jatuh katil pulak. adam mimpi ape la tu? :p haha

      zara sama la dgn adam. asik2 nak baca buku now ni. semua buku dia suruh baca over n over again. letih layan. tp bagus gak kan, ada minat nak membaca.

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