Our lunch last Saturday

I just wanted to share my lunch on Saturday. I love any kerabu. Personally, I feel that it is a better version of salad. Full of flavor, but not as healthy though.  I always thought you need to have a perfect balance of taste to make a kerabu and we did quite a good job at it. It was good!

Here’s our version of kerabu perut and paru:

Kerabu perut + paru

Our version of kerabu perut + paru

Sedaaaaaaap~ I am so happy for the results. Selalu makan MIL yg buatkan. This time, try sendiri with whatever ingredients available and it is yummy. Must do this again, but not too often coz it is so high in cholestrol. hehe

We had pumpkin(labu lemak) plus spinach(bayam) soup and Zara loved it! The soup absorbed the sweetness of pumpkin as well as spinach. Perfect combo. Just a lil bit of garlic, onion and a pinch of salt is all you need to balance out the sweet flavor.

Rebus Bayam + Labu

Rebus labu + bayam

Happily eating her lunch

I wanted to update this on Saturday but my broadband refuse to load the picture properly. I/O error all the time. Luckily I have it saved in draft, so I decide to update it today. Monday is going to end. Yeaay. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for everyone. 🙂 Don’t forget to smile and have fun!


11 thoughts on “Our lunch last Saturday

  1. wahh siap bagi resipi for the pumpkin + spinach soup! Am gonna try it for Adam.. mommy pun suka 🙂 tapi apa beza labu lemak dengan labu yang x lemak? err.. aku selalu la beli pumpkin for Adam tapi x penah tau ada banyak jenis.. aku salu pakai amik je kat Giant tu 🙂

  2. Acap, cute kan bip dia? it is extremely easy to clean. sukaaaa~~ lepas makan wipe dgn kain basah je :p

    Kam, labu lemak tu labu biasa isi kaler kuning/orange. kalau labu air yg lonjong, kulit hijau isi putih. yg tu pon sedap buat sup. labu air org ckp bagus for breastfeeding mothers. it will stimulate the breast milk production 😉 hehe

  3. Petrina,
    Yes, I think she got her parctise a lot. That is why she is quite ok with the spoon now. Every now n then still spills the food on her bib haha

    Kadang2 tumpah juga. Dia sambil makan mata duk tgk tempat lain :p busybody haha

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