16 months and counting ;)

My little Zara has grown into quite a character nowadays. She learn how to express her needs and frustration and I can see that she is not only growing physically but emotionally as well. Here’s some of her development so far:

1. Can call mak, ayah, mama + baba (my babysitters 🙂 ),  apik (abg taufik), atak (kak nor), mimi (kak mimi), awan (tok wan), tok (mak tok), ati (auntie), cat, dak (dog and duck :p), bird, ai/ayak (air), aci (nasi), tot (biskut), mamam (makan), do (tidur), lamp (lampu), nak, namau (tak mahu), aceh ya (terima kasih ya), dodok (duduk), acak (masak) and she is quite a chatty person too.

2. Can use the spoon and feed herself, can drink from a cup and with straw

3. Loves any biscuits or nuts. She will choose certain type of bread only.

4. Can climb on the sofa and watch tv.. switching position from sitting, to laying down on her back or on her tummy. very2 cute :p haha

5. Will like to help around the house. Pick up something on the floor and throw it at the dustbin, rearrange stuff in the kitchen cabinet, hand me the laundry for me to hang and she even try to hang the clothes herself.

6. Love to read all her book over and over again.

7. Dance to music, but she choose certain type of music only. She loves any catchy tunes and fast beat songs.

8. She is now over Upin & Ipin and now love to watch mr. bean. she called it “abin”. Will cry once the show ended on Disney channel and refuse to go to sleep. Adeh. Can recognize Pooh Bear and Mickey. We bought some nice Pooh t-shirts and she loves them!

9. Love to joke around, dropping things on the floor and laugh. :p

10. She learn how to put coins in the penny bank (her dad thought her this one) and loves dropping the coins over and over again. She will ask for more coins to put inside the penny bank once she saw it. She call the coins “wit” for duit :p

11. She will get angry and rise her voice if we ignore her request. She shows sign of tantrum as well, for example, lying on the floor or sit down and cry if we deny her request. Sometimes distraction works but not always. She will cool down quite fast though so it is still ok. I am not quite sure how to deal with this. Most of the time, we will try to distract her and told her that she can’t have it all. I hope she will get over this phase soon coz it is really tiring. :p It is really testing our patience too.

12. Loves anything pretty and will say “atik” for cantik. Typical girly girl I guess :p hehe


4 thoughts on “16 months and counting ;)

  1. banyaknye wordks dia bole sebut.. jelesnya!! adam berat mulut.. typical boys.. 🙂 the tantrum tu mmg dah start at this age kan.. they know how to manipulate us dah.. sangat geram kadang2 tu.. tapi comelll 🙂 i love being a mom 😀

  2. Acap,
    tade latest pic hehe 😉 nnt letak ok. rindu ka? dia confuse, kejap ayi kejap ayak haha

    dia mmg kuat membebel. tak faham most of the things yg dia ckp. tu la, td discuss dgn officemate, mmg start around this time sampai la 2 yrs old. mmg comel! i love being a mom too~~

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