I love the new Sherlock~

Before I go on… and on… and on. Let me warn anyone who doesn’t quite fancy this movie or Robert Downey Jr to stop reading this and go on and continue whatever that is you are doing right now. This is my blog and I have the right to say whatever I can about this movie. Hehee.. I just love the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I think the script is brilliant. The storyline is exciting. Ok,  maybe I ama little tiny bit biased because everything coming out from Robert Downey Jr’s mouth sounds so funny to me. (Of course he got the good looks too :p Hehe). I am smiling like a school girl through out the movie. Love love love. Enough said haha~

Cair dah :p haha

Apart from him, his sidekick in the movie is a good looking Briton, Jude Law. I am going to say both of them have a good chemistry together. More than chemistry between Sherlock and his lady Adler itself. Definitely more than Dr Thomas chemistry with his fiance Mary :p. Although I must say Kelly Reilly is enticing. She looks almost like an angel mostly, I think, is because of her eyes. She look more mature but very beautiful. Look at her:

She's a beauty

It is time to get ready for work. Have a good day all~ 🙂


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