Feeding Kiki

Pictures of a naughty 16 months old girl :p Enjoy~~

Ok come Kiki, let’s go have something to eat
Let me put u down on Wawa first :p
Why r u moving away? Come u need to eat. So skinny like me already!
Now, it is delicious right? Very good body lotion i must say! Smells nice!
Ok let me feed u more of tis good stuff :p hehe
I am a happy “mommy”!

If only feeding Zara was that simple! She won’t let me feed her but now she asked ayah to do it. :p Ikut suka awak lah Zara oiiiii~~


8 thoughts on “Feeding Kiki

  1. acap,
    bukan geng, hormat kat ayah :p takut oo ayah marah haha

    adik zara tu tunggu tahun depan la haha

    heepp setuju2 pulak dgn yanie. ko tu bila nak kasi adik kat hilmy?

  2. Pet,
    She like to mother all her soft toys and she really likes to “help” doing the house work. :p hehe u r right, very manja

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