We had fun ;)

My dear friend Pam come and visit us in Penang, so we decided to go out for a dinner. We went to E-gate and have a good bowl of noodle. I love the texture of the noodle at Noodle Station and I recommend it to everyone. They have nice selection of water too. Interesting name with interesting taste and it is colorful! Fun food with fun people around. What more can you ask for. LiPoh and her dear SoonGin is around as well as KL, Grace and baby YenYen.

Ladies in the house. Only Pam is available :p hehe

Si manja ayah

two Trios

But you know, it does not last long coz we have a baby and a toddler that needs to go to sleep early. KL’s family need to leave early coz YenYen is getting very sleepy by the minute. Zara is on the other hand getting crankier when the clock strike 9p.m. A lot of things to talk about and I feel that the time is so short! I wish we can do this more often. Pam, pls pls pls come and visit us more often ok. I know you love Penang more than KL (Klang is a diff story :p).

With dear Pam

I have something in mind I would like to blog about. It is about toddler hood and tantrum. Maybe in the next entry. 🙂 Take care and thank god it’s Friday! Esok cuti!


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