Another reflection

I am reminiscing the good old time with my colleague. It is more than 1 and a half year ago. In fact it is almost 2 years ago, but I miss them terribly. This is what happened when you are awake at 3 am and fail to fall back to sleep. I know the root cause of it now. Haha I just left the restroom a while ago. Ok ok too much information.

I definitely miss these wonderful people..

Our last time having team building together

I think I will never stop missing them 🙂

I am blessed with good fortune I guess. Not that kind of fortune lah, but I met wonderful people along the way and I am glad my path crosses with theirs. To a few of my team mates that I have left, and to the current ones, let’s treasure the time we have together. Let us be open, positive and work as a team. I know we can do it. We are halfway there and the workload is going to build up fast. I am feeling the heat already! Good luck everyone and I love my work. OK, sometime it can be unbearable but every relationship is love and hate relationship, no? Maybe it is just me.

Us, minus the old uncle :p

CNY lunch

Life is like a box of chocolate, you will never know what you are going to get! Always be prepared for possibilities and don’t forget to enjoy the ride~ 🙂


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