A turning point, a change is..

.. good? I am not sure. I am not able to support Zara’s daily milk consumption and she is now officially formula fed during daytime. It is a sad day for me coz she is no longer fully breastfed. So far, she got no problem with any of the formula I have tried. My girl is strong indeed. We only have some minor incident at first where she developed a phobia to bottle feeding because she hates the formula smell. After a few weeks of trial and error, she is now drinking Dugro and Progress Gold. Dugro is finishing and we will stick to Progress Gold. She is ok so far, insyaAllah. I pray for my daughter’s health and she seems to adjust well with formula milk. My babysitter told me that she even said to her “Mama, susu ni cedap!”. She is such a darling, always know how to say nice things to people around her. I can’t get angry at her more than a few seconds, cause she will come and “Cak” me. :p

I hope I am making a wise decision. I think I will try to introduce fresh milk once again, after series of rejection from Zara. She loves warm milk, so that is a problem. I even need to add plenty of water to cold juices just to make her drink it. She hates cold food and sweet food as well. I guess it is good for her health. Pandai anak mak pilih makan :p Mak Zara makan semua! haha~

The going-back-to-the-gym project have not started yet. My workloads are becoming crazy nowadays. Don’t think I can push myself to do exercise after a long day at work. Maybe I should start by doing a light morning jog around the apartment every weekend. We’ll see how it goes. To be precise, we’ll see if I can wake up early on weekends! haha~

Happy friday to all~


4 thoughts on “A turning point, a change is..

  1. Don’t be sad… you already done so well, fully bfeed for over 1 year! 🙂

    I was told you need to boil fresh milk first before give to young children as you want to ensure the milk is bacteria free… heard from one of the mothers in MR. 🙂

  2. Petrina,
    A bit emotional, but we are okay now. Both me n hubby went crazy shopping for Progress gold. A lot of other formula is on sale at Tesco too. lol~

  3. one and a half year dah sangat bagus dah nette.. i envy you for that 🙂 jelesnya zara dah boleh buat 1 complete sentence!!!! adam setakat one word sentence je 🙂

    • Thanks Kam. A bit sad that I cannot go for 2 years. Takpe la, mix pon ok kan.. ayat sedapkan hati hehe. Btw, Zara tu mengajuk mama dia ckp. Kalau tak buat ayat 2 perkataan je hihi

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