Beautiful blogger award

Thanks to Mama Sha, I got this award that I need to pass on to another 15 beautiful blogger.

This is the beautiful award hihi.. I love it!

I want to tag all my beautiful friends here:

1. Yuda

2. Caza

3. Adjue

4. Shareen

5. Noi

6. Juan

7. Kam

8. Dinna

9. Sarroung

10. Wanie

11. Jaja

12. Azima

13. Ijat

14. Petrina

15. Shie

16. Ijan

Ok, I cheated. I pass it on to 16 beautiful blogger. What’s the difference eh? 15.. 16.. it is the same. haha..

I supposed to write down 7 things about myself. Just so you know, it is all the truth and nothing but the truth. I am such a plain person, I assure you 😉

1. I love my family and love spending time with them!

2. I am loyal. Need I say more? :p

3. I love to try out new recipes and I love to stick to the old kampung recipes pass down to me by my mom and grandma. 🙂

4. I love to shop. Previously shopping for myself, now for my girl and hubby.

5. I am a positive person and I love to be around positive and happy person. I have a reason why; I am easily affected by people around me. If someone dear to me is miserable, I am always around to cheer them up and make them feel happy again.

6. I am an engineer by profession (I don’t know why :p boleh tak?), but I would love to be more flexible with my time in the future and maybe start my own home-based business.

7. I may look calm and confident, but I tell you one thing. I am such a nervous person inside. I am clumsy too. I can count how many time I give a speech in front of a big crowd. :p hehe

Ok I am done. 😀 Monday is coming soon. I better savour a few hours of sweet weekends by eating a slice of chocolate cake and hot coffee. See you soon~


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