Our drama king

The story is, I have two tags that I haven’t done yet. One is from Sha@Mama Tina and another one is from Yuda@Mama mia. Er, please excuse me, I don’t intend to make it sounds like that. From now on, I will call you Mamamia lah. Ok ek Yuda? hahaha~

Anyway, life has been good to us. My job could not get busier than this. Truth is, that is just in my mind and of course it can get busier! We are only halfway through the NPI and a lot more issues coming and we will be troubleshooting away. Fun stuff! (I am using my sarcastic tone here :p)

My little family is.. NOT growing anytime soon lah. Zara is too clingy to me until I suffocate (literally). She like to wrestle on me especially while she happily latches on while both of us watching TV. Last night, while watching Glee she slammed her elbow to my lower abdomen and it hurts. She will roll and bump herself on my chest until I feel suffocated. Then came a comment from her ayah “Eh, how to get adik like this? Manja sangat!” and with that comment, I rest my case.

Have I told you that I have the nicest parents in law ever? We canceled our trip back to Kangar once before and they decided that they will come and visit us in Penang last weekend. We got ole2 from kampung, such as the famous harum manis and the pickled mangoes in one big jar. Hoorayy! Both of us are so happy. My father in law make the pickle especially for us and it tasted so much better than the one bought from the store because the mangoes are fresh from the tree. They even brought juicy stories from Kangar.

Apparently Zara’s Nyang Wan is missing her so much that he keeps on pretending that he is not feeling well, he got this pain in the chest and he told everyone in the kampung that he feels like he is going to die soon. Such a drama king and we can’t help but laugh so loud when we heard this. He said all of this when he can still ride his motorbike to go minum teh and buy groceries from the kedai runcit. He even rides on his own to the clinics everyday and yet, he still complains he is very ill. At the end, Nyang Wan admitted that he create such drama because he misses his cicit so much and of course, he wanted us to come back to Kangar soon. Kesian kan. I already talked to hubby but he seems to be very busy these days and all he wanted is to stay at home this weekend. So how eh? We’ll see if I can persuade hubby to go back. Maybe I can be the driver for a change? Hmm.. but what if Zara wants to nenen? :p


4 thoughts on “Our drama king

    • haha.. mcm la abg paiz nak kasi :p sure tak kasi punye. he said I am clumsy and he can’t even take a nap while i’m driving. Horror punya pasal! lol

    • Mmg nak balik kampung pon but hubby busy dgn kerja lately. Besides, baru 3 weeks ago balik kg hehe.. insyaAllah next weekend balik la kami hehe

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