I love my handbag!

A few weeks ago, hubby asked me a question that I have been waiting to hear for a few months. “B, jum pergi beli handbag baru nak?” Hehe.. you might say that Guess is such a yesterday brand and it got so many imitation ones available at padang besar or feringghi night market but I love their rock star designs! It seems that they keep on making new designs and it is all in limited quantity and it look so nice!

Here’s what hubby got for me:

Earth color in three different tones 😉

I absolutely love this bag because it is an impromptu gift from dear hubby and I got to choose it myself. What about you? Would you like to receive a surprise present already wrapped in a box or you would like to choose your own present? hehe..

To dear hubby, bulan depan sila tanya the same question, but change the word “handbag” to “shoes” pulak ok? It is such a nice surprise and thank you so much darling. I love it!

I am wondering though, what is the trend nowadays? What is the HOT handbags design and brand in the market and which one do you parade with? Ok, I should start googling away. Maybe I will post another entry on the latest hot and happening thing on handbags world. Hehee… Let me do my research first! :p


13 thoughts on “I love my handbag!

  1. i’m waiting for my own too 😉
    hahahaha…sumone made the same promise n up till now xle nk pilih which 1. ade suggestion x? 😀 guess cm sgt best kn!!! me love guess too but it’s too expensive la. sobsob…he’ll cry paying for just a handbag like dat. ngeee…check fossil. mcm sgt nice jugak! ala2 desigual style

    • best kan! hangbag cantik dan poket ku tak kering haha.. Kak cik, kalau sale Guess handbag tu murah2 je. Kat U.S. lagi la murah. In June insyaAllah redjambu jual handbag Guess pulak ok! Cepatla Corelle ni habis jual boleh beli stock handbag pulak haha..

    • True to that. It is so easy to please us eh? :p I can’t wait for mother’s day too. I want a nice dinner. hehe

      • Yes! I want a nice dinner too… the dinner promotion at SP Setia is really good… for RM55 per person, 8 course, BBQ and steamboat selection + entertainment! I think worth it lor… got brochure, want to c?

  2. i love your handbag tooo!! 😛

    syoknya hai dapat present. aku nih kalau nak present, kena beli sendiri! adei!

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