Chybeelila is online again!

I loooove her current .com address coz it is full of nice camera shot. Of course lah kan nama pon SLR :p I am so jelous! Maybe I need to learn from her a thing or two about using SLR camera and buy one for myself. I feel bad coz a lot of my lil Zara’s digital photo is out of focus and blurry. Not suitable for printings sigh. Next project will be Zara’s big poster printing and photobook! There goes my hard earn money! haha :p

You can find my lil sister’s new home here:

*** dah letak link yg betul. sorry kak cik, jgn marah~~ :p ***


9 thoughts on “Chybeelila is online again!

  1. SLR susah laa & MAHAL! aku rasa ko try laa upgrade camera ko pki “semi-slr” mcm Lumix LX3 or Canon G11.. lagi murah & lg senang pki.. makes a HUGE difference to photo quality tau

    • ye ke dinna? nnt aku compare SLR dgn semi-SLR. price wise and quality skali. if sama je, baik beli yg lg murah kan? hehe

    • Tu la Nia. Kena lengkapkan ilmu dulu baru boleh beli. Ni yg tunggu my sis balik, nak cuba2 dulu hehe 😉

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