My new obsession

I have a very short span of attention and interest. If you ask my hubby, he will be able to explain in details. I am always open to try up new things but I have problem with keeping it going on more than a dozen times. :p My bad.

I tried beading, I even went to a whole day intro to beading class and pretty close to getting mastitis because of it. I am breastfeeding my 4 months baby at the time and not being able to pump or latch on for 6 hours is no good. It is darn painful but still, I decided beading is too time consuming and I gave it up. I still have the beading needles and a box of colorful beads that I hope, yes I still hope, in the near future will become a masterpiece on one of my kurung or kebaya. (Yes, you can start laughing at me now).

I tried baking too. Several time. I tried baking carrot cake with another two friend and we took the entire night to finish haha. We blame the old butterfly oven. It looks unappetizing but it is quite delicious. hehe perahsan :p. I tried baking plain vanilla cupcake a few times at home and once at my MIL place. Failed 3 times and successful the 4th time. Who knows sifting flour is VERY important for the cupcake to look nice and fluffy. Don’t start rolling your eyes. I have very limited knowledge of baking apart from my staring to Anna Olson in Sugar (or should I say staring at the yummy cakes and desserts) at my favorite channel, AFC. Naturally, of course I hope to decorate the cupcake with nice little flowers and stars and maybe put on a doll princess on top for Zara’s 2nd birthday cake. Ok, you have my permission to laugh again :p Maybe I should consult Ijan who already got the skill on baking and decorating cupcake. You can find her masterpiece here.

My new obsession is to become more presentable, to be able to take care of myself more apart from taking care of my family. I know I can’t have it all, I just need to prioritize. I want to look pretty all the time for my darling husband and it can do good for my self-esteem too. I need to put back on those pretty kebayas without having a girdle on. I have to look nice with at least a basic makeup on. I need to pickup things that I have put aside more than 2 years ago. I need to look my best and I need to feel good again. Only then I will be less miserable looking at the mirror everyday. I think it is a right time too. Zara is a little bit more independent than before. I can steal half an hour for makeup and stuff in the morning provided that I have enough sleep and wake up early in the morning. Darling Zara, please do not poo poo at night and start watching cartoon at night ok. Habis la beauty sleep mak! kih kih..

I want to be able to dress myself up like I am going to go for a date every day. There, I’ve said it!. I remembered reading this somewhere “There is no ugly woman, only lazy ones!”. That is so true. Ok ok, I am cheering myself from now on and yeaayy for not being lazy anymore. All the laundry can wait :p hehe~

p/s: This is an “I-feel-guilty” entry for spending hundreds of RM on Bobbi Brown at Parkson! At least I got a lip+cheek pot and an eyeshadow for free plus the Parkson Vouchers (me love!). Phewww~ I feel better already. I will post some of the “damage” I’ve done to my pocket soon ok :p

The "damage" will do good. Amin.


8 thoughts on “My new obsession

  1. Hey Nette, what a coincidence! I am tired of being ugly too! (maybe aku je ugly kau tak :p) Ni yang bersusah payah nak kuruskan badan balik and and at the same time to spend more time on my face macam buat facial and all.. After all the time we spent for husband and child, we need to allocate some time for ourselves too.. we are important too! 🙂

    • Sama la Kam! Aku pon pegi facial like 1 year ago kot. ahaha.. kena pergi ni. Nak try manicure skali hehe. I want to feel fabulous! 😉 Jom motivate each other. hehe~

  2. sape lg nak pamper diri sendiri klu bukan kite, kan nette? no need to be guilty klu afterward we feel much better.. lps penat keje, jage anak, kemas rumah, jage hubby lg (hehe), we deserve it.. aku pun klu kluar akan make sure aku ni look presentable.. sbb aku rase time kluar rumah tu la aku boleh nak bermekap cantik2 utk diri sendiri.. fyi, aku mmg suke mekap n bile dah mekap, bak kate kau, i feel more fabulous.. hehe.. so, x yah feel guilty belanje mahal2 beli bobbi brown.. 😉

    • True that, Ajue! Siapa lagi nak pamper diri sendiri kan? 😉 Guilty sbb dah lama tak spent on makeup. Sekali a few hundreds lak tu adoii kering poket. Takpe, consider it as investment lah~

    • Yes kak cik, OMG too! I think I’ve gone berserk! tak lah, just want to buy something for myself and being selfish is good sometime 😉

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