Last weekend.. what I called let’s-get-fat weekend. Let me tell you why.

Friday afternoon, I had mother’s day celebration with my pumping mate aka my mother’s room buddies. We dine at Dave’s Deli and I wallop the quarter chicken meal. I got the breast and wing portion. It is super huge but the taste is nothing to shout for. Too dry for my liking and the chicken is not marinated well. Sorry, I got no picture to share, yet. Maybe I will update once I got a pic from one of the lovely ladies. We were calling our group lunch as syiok sendiri lunch coz all of us mothers are celebrating mother’s day ourselves. hehe. I don’t care as long as we are happy and we truly enjoyed ourselves. I love my pumping mates because I do learn a lot from them and we not only shared things we have in common such as breastfeeding tips and issues or topics on parenting and baby care, we also shares on recipes, shopping and discounts informations, and I even got tips on investment. I love my 30mins afternoon break in the mother’s room. I can unwind and chit chatting and it takes the stress off me.

Mother's day gatherings. Tq for the pic Lee Kim!

Moving on to Friday night, me and hubby decided to dine at Nando’s just because. Kes takda idea nak masak. The food is great. I just love the sauce and the tenderness of the chicken. The meat is not too dry, just perfect to me. Zara ate almost all of the side dish; the rice lah, not the veggies. Two quarter chicken makes half a chicken! That is a lot of chicken in a day kan? Ish.. there’s more..

On Saturday, I do my usual stuff at home and I made some simple honey lemon chicken that hubby love so much for lunch. The heat in the afternoon was unbearable so we decided to stripped Zara off her clothes after we wash her from a mess she often will be in after every meal. She insist on feeding herself using fingers. No more spoon feeding herself coz she is now in a stage where she will imitate everything we do. Hubby said why not get a table fan for the kitchen and I said why not. After a while, he is back with a fan and an ice cream cake. hehe.. looks like dear hubby was actually finding an excuse to buy me a mother’s day cake. Zara is more excited than me when she saw the cake. She kept on saying “hmm.. cedap, cedap” with her head nodding haha. The three of us enjoyed the ice cream in front of tv and decided not to move for the rest of the day. Such a lazy Saturday! :p

Come Sunday evening, I am already tired of sitting in front of tv watching barney, ice age and upin&ipin all day. Thanks to hubby, we went out that night and we had lovely donuts and coffee and yoghurt at JCo! Yummy yum yumm. The sugary, creamy donuts plus the sweet coffee makes me feel so happy and of course guilty afterwards. The yoghurt is so refreshing complete with fruit toppings and all. We spent the rest of the evening window shopping and it felt so good. In case you are wondering, Zara behaved well coz we got her in the kiddy cab complete with a free balloon. She happily sit inside the kiddy cab and she had fun getting in and out of the ride by herself.

That is the end of one weekend full of fat and sugar. Ok, no more cakes, donuts and ice creams for a month and I should go easy on the chicken too. I put on extra weight since Zara is now on formula at the babysitter’s place. Ya la, input as usual but the output is decreasing. hehe..

Btw, we saw some nice tricycle and thought of buying it for the lil queen since she showed great interest in her Abg Pik’s bikes. We find that toys r us in Queensbay only carry limited designs and colors and it is very pricey too. All are around RM200++. Any suggestions where we might find a nice and reasonably priced tricycle for our lil girl?


11 thoughts on “Last weekend..

    • yes petrina! must do some healthy activities this weekend! Thanks for the tips on the bike ya. I will definitely go and check it out 😉

    • wohoo, mydear sale! tp takut aku takde kat KL :p hehe plus tak sabar nak tgk zara enjoy naik basikal. as usual, mak pak dia yg excited lebih :p

  1. Hahaha… i post you the Dave’s Deli quarter chicken meal later! Huh… an EXTREMELY fattening weekend but it was so lovely!

    Btw, you can get the nice and reasonable price tricycle at a shop opposite Prangin Mall, and you may bargain further.

    • Thank you Lee Kim!! 😉 Yes it is fattening but I enjoyed it. It’s ok la, i don’t usu eat ice cream, and cake and donuts that often.

      opposite Prangin Mall? Thanks for the tips ya. I will go and check it out soon. 😀

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