Mother’s day pictures

Just want to share with you all some of my family activities during last mothers day. I know it is late, but hey better late than never. :p

I just took the last picture yesterday. See her cheeky face? :p Bikin geram je. She even dance in the middle of the road and inside the stores whenever there’s any hip hop and rnb song in the air. Did I tell you guys she prefer “dark” skin gentleman? Hahahaha just joking ok.

For more pictures,  you can go have a look on my FB. Add me if you are not one of my friend yet ya. Have a good weekend everyone!


8 thoughts on “Mother’s day pictures

    • It is girl, dear. haha.. it is ok, we got it a lot when she is small. Lucky she have this little pony tail now. If not, she will definitely look like a boy. 🙂

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