KL Trip

How I wish I can spend more time in KL last weekend. 3 days is not enough! :p I think this is the consequences of living far away from home. Home is subjective to interpretation and for myself, home is where my parents is. Of course now that I am married I have another home, where my dear husband is. Penang is a nice place to live in and KL is just so hectic but always dear to my heart. The city is vibrant, full of liveliness and tolls :p lol.

Early morning face

No picture pls :p

As soon as we arrived on Friday, we brought mak for groceries shopping at Tesco Kajang. We even bought her kain pasang for her baju raya. It is so fun with my mom around. She love to comments on things and chit chatting non stop and I never feel bored when mak is around. I miss her already sobs. Zara found two of her favorite things there, the musical ride; to be specific a doraemon musical ride and free balloon in poodle shape! hehe.. She loved it.

The next day, hubby got some business meeting and leave us behind. It is just mak, zara and myself went crazy at jusco. Hehee.. After one handbags, one shoes, a couple of blouses and pants later, we had teppanyaki and headed home. It is such a great feeling to be able to shop with mak. Even my lil girl help me to shop by putting a shoe to my feet! When we arrived home, she opened my newly bought shoe and try it on herself. She look super cute in heels!

Somebody can't wait for the food to come

You want some melon lollypop?

All ready to hit the road back to Penang

Come Sunday, we got no choice but to leave mak behind but before that, we manage to squeeze two meetings with our dear friends. We met Ellina and Man for a delicious meatballs and daim cake. Ellina even bought us cupcakes! Yummm! I always feel that time is too short and I have so much to share. Afterwards, we headed to Aida’s place to visit baby Khaleel. Zara had fun playing with Iris and Iris love to hug and kiss her. I guess both of them are just so happy to have a playmate 😉 Mommy will try to arrange more playdate for you in the future ok. We arrived home at 12am and the next morning? I got the worst monday blues ever. Who won’t eh? So how do you spend your long weekend? 😉


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