Something blue..

We wanted to get this for Zara coz we know how much she loves a bike. Without fail, she will touch Abg Pik’s bike on the way back home everyday. We even let her try on the bike at tesco and she is so excited. At last, we got her the bike yesterday. I didn’t get to take a picture of Zara on the bike. She was all smiley when we pushed her all around tesco in the new bike. Flashing her white teeth, she will scream with laughter but her feet can’t really reach the paddle just yet. For now, we need to push her around and teach her how to paddle. I guess we can adjust the seat to the front, but we haven’t figure it out yet.

The blue bike

Besides the bike, zara pointed to us the coloring book and we got her one. After 2 minutes of scribbling, she managed to torn the color pencil box apart. I really can’t understand why she feels the need to torn everything apart? :p It is for fun I guess. Looks like I have to get her a pencil box. Hehe.. Want to see her in action?

Zara's first coloring book

See the pencil color box torn apart on the lower right hand side

I am now ordering another new toy for Zara. This one is water-based and come with music. Can’t wait! 😉 hehe


8 thoughts on “Something blue..

  1. tu maknanye zara nak pencil colours yang besar dalam kotak tin tu.. Hhahaha! adam can only colour when mommy is around.. Hahahaha! Aku keluarkan crayons siap2 so dia x rosakkan kotak ;p
    The new toy sounds fun.. Update us when it arrives k..

    • tu la, igt nak belikan crayon gak kat zara. tp semua tulis not for under 3 yrs, risau gak takut dia masuk mulut :p

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