When mommy and daddy went shopping…

Let's see what we have inside?

Yess! Found the coin purse :p

Let see did mommy hide any chocolates inside?

Oh well, sorry Mickey no chocs for you :p

Ni la kerja si Zara. She will never fail to find things to do on her own. If she is not looking for things in my handbags, it will be watching her own baby videos on my handphone. Once she got bored, she will start pushing all the chairs around or start talking to her Mickey. We will allow her to take any “friend” for her to bring along. 😉 Kids.. they will always find things to play with no matter where and when.


6 thoughts on “When mommy and daddy went shopping…

  1. How true! They can play with anything… my daughter brings her small brown bear, but she will put the bear in the car while she goes to school. 🙂

    Love the hair clip on her! 😉

    • Thanks Pet, I love the hairclips too! 😀 Zara will bring one each time she go anywhere. Sometimes she brings a bunch of them lol :p

  2. hehe.. klu eham akan bwk beg sandang dia sendiri n isi semua car toys dia.. ade la 4-5 kete dia bwk.. biar senang sket dia ade aktiviti n x kacau org.. 😉

    • Ye ke Adjue? Rajin dia bawak beg sendiri. Zara pon ada beg, tp dia malas nak bawak sendiri. Last2 tinggal je kat rumah :p

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