Happy daddy’s day ;)

Although it is one day late, I will go on and wish a happy father’s day to my dear Abah and Ayah. Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki selalu dan terima kasih atas segala pengorbanan dan nasihat kepada kami selama ni. Happy daddy’s day to my dearest hubby, encik Faiz. I bet Zara will want to say “You are the best daddy ever!”, it is just that she is too young to understand that yet. heheee.. I am thankful and blessed to have you as my hubby, sayang. Here’s a wish for more happy years to come. 🙂

Today, we had a nice early dinner at Tao Juru Auto-city. Hubby even did some shopping there! Not one pair, a few pairs of pants and jeans and some shirts too. So who’s the shopaholic now eh? :p We will definitely come back again once my brother is here. Weeee~ Can’t wait to bring my mom and brother there. Zara is fast asleep once we got into the car heading back home. I guess she is too tired and it is too much of excitement in one day. Father’s day present for hubby? hehe tunggu~

Before I go, here’s some of my favorite pictures of hubby and Zara together:

Saayang ayah!

Daddy's girl

See, she is definitely a resemblance of the father. Macam kena cop je muka tu, sama sangat ok :p


4 thoughts on “Happy daddy’s day ;)

  1. tomeiiii sgt zara!! esp gambar no 2 tuh.. pipi tembam rasa nak gigit je.. hehehe

    zara mmg mcm faiz sgt k!! nette next baby cam muke ko plak k! hihiihihihihihi

    • hehe.. aku duk tgk2 gambar lama baru sedar dia dah kurus banyak! :p

      next baby? oh tidaaak! hehe.. kalau boy nak muka mcm aku la pulak

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