No, I am not talking about the game. It is bookworm as in Ulatbuku. I am guilty of doing a direct translation here. :p

I have just finished my errr.. 1.. 2… ah yes 4th book for this year, Me and Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter. It is ehem..quite boring especially in the middle but I am satisfied with the happy ending. Of course I love a happy ending, who wouldn’t right? I am a sappy romantic and you can go ahead and ask any of my friends. I believe in love at first sight and match made in heaven, that kind of thing. I believe love will be a better place if everyone will stop hurting each other and just live together in harmony. (Like that is going to happen anytime soon) Oh ya, world peace! Now I sound like one of those beauty pageant on a stage waving sideways to the audience. Hehe :p Not that I look like one!

Ok, back to the book. One thing that I love about it is how the author try to convince the reader that a real man is far better than your ideal lover, represented by Mr Darcy in the English literature world. Of course, the incident described with Mr Darcy is far more romantic and interesting but in real life, is he really that ideal? Chivalry can be very tiring at times. You just want someone you can laugh with (or laugh at hehe :p) and do something spontaneous and silly. Real man will identify real woman, so be yourself at all times. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and show your true colors. The worst thing that could happen is you could learn from your mistakes and not to repeat it again. Say sorry and move on.

By the way, I am now starting a new book, I Heart NY by Lindsay Kelk. I love her writing style and so far, everything is fun and I am already halfway through it. I am imagining myself buying Marc Jacobs bag in NY, of course it is fun! hehe..

Only four books in half a year is not really something to be proud of, but at least I am trying. If you count online news, blogs, product brochures and magazine as reading, I think I am doing ok. Hehe..

I believe that to instill reading habit to a young child, the parents must have the reading habit. It is easier for them to follow by example rather than by taking orders from the parents. Nobody wants to be forced to do something right? 🙂 Do let me know if you have any good books to recommend. Now, back to my book 😉


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