Durian Craze

We had the opportunity to visit the Durian & Food Fest in Anjung Indah, Balik Pulau. God, there is so many people even it is already 5pm in the evening and only a little less than a basket of durian left to buy. Anjung Indah is located at the top of Bukit Relau with a good view. A perfect spot for picnic and bird watching 😉

Enjoying our sweet durian

We bought a 2kilos D14 and 1kilo++ Ganja (don’t ask me why the name is like that ok :p). We felt that D14 is so much better compared to Ganja. The flesh is yummy and creamy and so thick! Just one piece makes you full and satisfied. Really fit the example of value for money. I prefer D14 better than Ganja. The durian seller told us that this year, Ganja does not taste so good as compared to last year. Maybe next year we will come again and see if the taste improves hehe :p Excuses!

Empty in a few minutes!

New found love 😉

In total, we spent RM70 for 2 durians. Expensive but who cares? Good quality durian plus the eating experience with a view; priceless!

Do you have a durian experience you want to share? 😉


6 thoughts on “Durian Craze

  1. I’ve been eating durian every week too! But, I didn’t go to Balik Pulau, but eat them in the comfort of home. easier, hard to bring 2 children up there. Girl only take one, boy doesn’t like it!

    I am a durian fan too!!!

    • Pet,
      I went again with hubby and my mom yesterday! We sit there for a good 30 minutes, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Balik Pulau and the Selat Melaka 😉

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