You can’t take a bite of this minibites..

..even though it looks so yummy! I am talking about this MiniBites. I stumbled upon it while browsing through artsyfartsy, a site who promote handmade stuff, crafts and such. Everything look so real and delicious! Yummy yummm!

The donut looks so real!

I wish I can take a bite out of this turquoise cupcake!

Donut rings!

All of these accessories are made from hand-made from polymer clay. I got so excited by just looking at it and I am going to order some for myself and Zara. I hope they will do hair clips or hair pins for my little girl. What do you think if I buy this one for Zara?

Chocolate Pie necklace yummmm!

How creative, right? I wish I have the patience for craft. I just don’t have the time to try… yet. I guess one day, when I quit my day job I will try this one out just because it is too cute and lovely to pass. All pictures are taken from MiniBites website. Now, where is the order form that I need to fill in…


8 thoughts on “You can’t take a bite of this minibites..

  1. haha…awal2 kene inform zara ni xboleh makan. takot nnt skali lg tgk dh xde. lol…cari la gelang kaki utk zara. sure comel! hehe…

    achik punya xde ke? 😀

    • dah beli dah pon! hehehe.. 😀 zara belum pakai lg. tunggu ada special occasion je pakai kut hehe sbb kena monitor so that dia tak telan lol

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