A year older..

A year older and age is just a number. I know I am in denial, but hey I feel like I am at my early twenties now. Syukur. I thank god that I am alive, I have my family that I love dearly, I have a roof on top of my head, my own car for me to move around, I have a good job with great colleagues, I have friends that I still keep in contact despite my busy schedule.

Early birthday cake for me from my sweet colleagues

Checking out my birthday present. A lovely pearl bracelet 😉

Even though I am not feeling so well today, I got sore throat and one giant infection near my nose (I blame the virus, the ever-changing weather and the durian-frenzy last couple of weeks), I am thankful that I am still healthy without major health issue. I thank god that I am still alive and breathing. It is such a bless to be in this world and share it with all the people that I love and all of you who consider yourself as my friend.

I am lucky to receive great presents from my love ones. A special thank you goes to my dear hubby for the great gift. I love it!

Tonight, a trip to pasar malam to enjoy local delicacies with my family. I am contented 🙂


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