It’s a bird, it’s a plane..

No lah.. it’s a flu season. *sigh* I saw many of my friends will small kids, especially toddlers, posting about updates on their little one’s fever and flu on facebook. Looks like everyone is getting infected. The hot and rainy season does not help either.

When the daughter got sick, the parents (especially the mom) will be very tired and sleep deprived. Getting a two year old to swallow the medicine is truly a challenging experience, even more challenging than the Amazing Race Asia (TARA! I love this show!). If you add a few more medicine; you name it lah, for fever, for cough, for flu and allergy, and… the famous antibiotic! It can really drive you crazy as parents.

We tried every trick you can possibly think of. We tried to bribe her with cikilat (chocolates) and popok (junk food aka keropok) and it only works one time. We tried putting the medicine in her daily ribena, nope.. she is too clever for that one too. She can taste and smell the medicine from afar. Put the medicine in her milk does not work as well. Try to promise her a cycling trip or jalan2 to queensbay does not work either. She hates the medicine to the max. I think the medicine tasted very sweet but she have problem with the smell. Why can’t they invent medicine with fruity smell? All of them smells.. well… like a thick syrup. Yikes.

My poor darling fall asleep on the sofa huhu

To make things worst, I got infected by the flu as well. I have a sexy voice right now and the whole office can hear me shrot and shreeet (and sometime I snort! eww) the whole day. Well nasiblah. Last week I took 3 days off already and I have so many things to finish at work. I can’t affort to take more leave. I only have 3 days left anyway. Three days to use until end of Dec. Not good!

Btw, baby in tummy is growing well at 16 weeks. I got to feel some movement but not as obvious yet. Just some very light fluttering especially early in the morning when I went to the bathroom. I guess the baby is trying to hide from the bright bathroom light hehe.

Ok, back to work. I have so many things to write but it usually end up in the draft section. I blame facebook and twitter for my lack of updating the blog. hehe sorry! Next post will be about some of my favorite recipes that is easy to make; lazy chicken curry, roasted chicken rice and crispy fried chicken with plum sauce. Promise 🙂


9 thoughts on “It’s a bird, it’s a plane..

  1. anak aku pun dah diserang. bjangkit dari nsery + minum milo ais 2 hari berturut (my fault :P). bab makan ubat – he is good. aku train dia minum scot emulsion putih on daily basis, and aku named it ubat. to get him stronger macam oltromen. haha. so bila time kena makan ubat doktor, xde masalah sbb dia ingat ubat tu sama mcm makan scot emulsion (rasa scot putih ni lagi x sedap dari ubat kanak2, so laju je dia makan ubat). well, its a challenge kan, hope ur litle darling cepat sembuh n u n little one take care k! muahhh..

    • thanks aton! tu la hope cepat lah baik. demam dah kebah, tinggal selsema n batuk je. tu la, silap aku tak train makan ubat. maybe sbb dia jarang demam jugak kut sbb tu tak biasa mkn ubat. last demam is like 1 yr ago. huhu..

  2. Take care my friend, hope Zara is recovering well. I will be working from home tomorrow too as Emily has a mild eye infection and she is forbidden by her school teacher to attend school 😦

    • Yes Juju. hopefully will recover soon. Hope ur Emily will get better soon too. She got the infection from school is it? Lucky u are allowed to work from home. At least won’t use up your annual leave 🙂 Take care ya.

  3. aku ngn eham pun same x sihat.. ibu jangkit dr eham 🙂 eham pun same kes la ngn zara.. kemain susah betul nak mkn ubat.. x tau cara ape lg dah.. time nak bagi ubat, kaki aku kena kepit badan dia sbb dia meronta2 x nak mkn ubat.. smpi camtu skali susahnye dia nak mkn ubat.. dia pun jarang demam, so agaknye sbb tu la kan? jeles ngn cousin eham yg sebaya dgn dia, senang je nak mkn ubat. my SIL ckp klu bukan time sakit pun kerja dia mintak ubat je nak mkn.. kan senang klu eham ngn zara camtu kan? well, lain budak lain ragam.. hopefully bile dah besar senang la dia nak mkn ubat.. get well soon, zara n mommy.. x sabar nak tgk adik zara nnt 🙂

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