Chicken curry recipe

It is recipe time! This one is for all my friends who love to cook especially for SM and Juju. The picture I took is from the last time I cook chicken curry to be eaten with instant pratha. The frozen kind that you can find from the supermarket. Great for breakfast when you are lazy to get your butt out of the house 😉 Enjoy!

My Chicken Curry


1 large onion*

2 cloves of garlic*

1/2 inch of ginger*

1 stick of lamongrass – I omit this coz it is not in my fridge :p*

500gm chicken – I cut it into small pieces

2 large potatoes – Cut into cubes, smaller cubes will cook faster and more suitable to be eaten with prata/roti canai

1 tomatoes – Cut into 6A bit of tamarind paste/asam jawa add with a small bowl of water – you can use asam gelugor/asam keping too

1/2 tin of evaporated milk/susu cair – you can substitue with coconut milk/santan for more creamy and authentic taste

1 tbs of ground chilli2 tbs meat curry powder2 tbs vegetable oil for fryingSome salt and sugar to taste

*Ingredients to be pounded/blended

For tumis/frying:

1 cinnamon stick/kayu manis

1 star anise/bunga lawang

2 cardamon/buah pelaga

5 cloves/bunga cengkih

Some curry leaves – I omit this coz it is not in my fridge too


1. First, heat the oil and fry all the frying/tumis ingredients above for a few minutes until you smell the fragrance of the spices.

2. Then put in the pounded/blended ingredients, together with the ground chilli and curry powder and stir fry until the chilli is thoroughly cooked. You can see some of the frying oil is separated from the grounded ingredients and color of the chilli turns to a bit darker shade.

3. Put in the potatoe first and pour in the tamarind paste mix with water and stir. I like my potatoes to be soft so I will wait until it is soft before I put in the chicken.

4. Cook with medium heat until the chicken is cooked and put in the tomatoes and evaporated milk or santan. Add in some salt and sugar to taste.

5. Cook with a slow heat until the gravy boils and taste it. Your chicken curry is ready to be served!


7 thoughts on “Chicken curry recipe

    • Juju,
      Let me know after you try it out ya! 🙂 Instant pratha tasted very nice hehe. It is a must in our freezer, esp for quick snack or breakfast hehe

    • Wawek, kat Asian supermarket ada kot. Aku time study u.s. dulu jumpa kat halal meat store hehe.. 😉 Made in Malaysia tu

  1. Your write-up is precisely what I was binging for to accomplish the job my grandma asked me to do, she is about to commence a gas station franchise business and it seems that, lindsay is going to need this level of detail for reasons uknown. I don’t quite basically have any clue for what prupose, I’m only seventeen and i also don’t really know anything about this.

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