My current favorite lippy

*** Updated with the (ehem..) model wearing the said coral lippy 😉 ***



(Clothing & Fashion) Informal lipstick

Since I gave birth to my darling daughter, I notice that some part of my face is dry and the T zone is oily as usual. Another bad thing is, my lip is dryer than usual. Most of the lipstick I have on hand will cause chapping and cracking on my lips. Either because of the changing hormones or I am getting old. I will stick to the former and close one eye on the latter. Heh :p

Then I met a match made in heaven for my dry lips. Drum roll please… It is Dior’s Serum De Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment. I fall in love instantly.  I know this lippy has been around for ages, ok for years, but I am new to all of this. It claims that it will plump and moisturize your lips and it does exactly that! With SPF20, you know your lips are well taken care of from the evil UV rays and what not. I am not a professional reviewer, this is base solely on my personal experience after using this lippy for about 6 month now.

I am currently using Coral Serum 730 which is described as muted coral and I love it! With one swipe it will look like a beige with a hint of warm orange on my lips. If I apply more, it will look true to the coral color but not too bright. You can glam it up by using a lip brush to have a full coverage and dab on some clear gloss or just swipe on your lips after your lip balm for a natural shine. It feels creamy on your lips but not heavy. Even after lunch and drinks, you can see the color stays even and wont create cracks and lines on your lips cause it have a plumping effect, remember? No more cracking and chapping lips! 😉

Dior Serum De Rouge

To those of you who interested to know, here’s the ingredient I got from Sephora’s:

-Mango butter + Vitamine A Palmitate: Repairs, hydrates, and smoothes lips; acts on Epidermis.

-Ruscogénine + Centella Asiatica: Plumps, firms, and defines lips; acts on Dermis.

-Commiphora Oil: Gives lips volume; acts on Hypodermis.

-SPF 20

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it have a downside actually. Only one which is the high price. It is USD32 and I believe it is around RM100 when I bought it early this year. I forgot the exact amount, though.

I'm wearing coral 730

Next, I would love to try Crimson Serum 840 which is vibrant pinkish red. I have never own a red lippy before, but I heard some review said it will be suitable for woman with caramel to dark color complexion. Or maybe Mocha Serum 910 which is reddish brown for a warm nude do. Another future must-try item for me is Dior’s Lip Maximizer. Ok time for another trip to the loo. Have a good long weekend everyone and happy Diwali!


6 thoughts on “My current favorite lippy

  1. hey… glad i met another fan of this lipstick. guess what, coral 730 was my the first colour that i got and fell in love with it. in fact, even though i’d complain how expensive it is, i find myself indulging every now and then. too bad their collection doesn’t have that many variation of colours… i would really like to see browns and burgundy shades but all they have are nude/reddish tones with the exception of coral, that’s a little orangey.

    • Really? Sama pulak first color choice hehe. I mmg minat coral and any warm colors will suit me. Kalau pakai cool colors mcm purplish red or berry muka nampak kelam je, tak naik seri hehe. I love the creamy texture n it really plump up my lips! Sukaaa

    • Mmg best Ijat! If not mistaken, aku pernah try lipstick ni time kat sunway dulu. Ellina kidnap mak dia punye and it is in coral kot, or maybe nude aku dah lupa! Packaging wise sgt slim n luxurious. hehe.. real value for money.

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