Every pregnancy is different..

So far, I couldn’t agree more.

Morning sickness and allergy

1st pregnancy:

Vomitting for the first one month. I cannot smell any strong smell, be it rice, meat, curry, milk, pretty much anything including my husband. Yes, I cannot smell my husband and I will ask him to stay away from me or take a shower :p As a result, I never cook or even go to the kitchen and I only live on fruits, crackers and juice. Life is hard. I lost a few kilos before I enter the second and third month. Things slowly get better and I gain back my HUGE appetite.

2nd pregnancy:

I did not have any severe vomitting like my first pregnancy. Maybe twice and it is partly because of the food I took and another one time is because I had diarrhea. I can almost everything but I still lose some kilos. Strange.

Food preference


1st pregnancy:

I ate all kinds of food. I can even drink those powdered milk, I even finish around 4 big tins of milk; Anmum, Enfamama (Regular and Choc) and Wyeth Mama. Yes I’ve tried and finished it all. Let me know if you need me to review on the said milk range, I will be happy to share my experience. I did crave quite a bit for spicy Indian food especially the briyani paired with lamb! Omg so sinful. I frequent Kapitan and Karaikudi on weekends or when I hang out with my friends.

Oh, another one that I am proud of.. I successfully quit coffee until around the last few weeks before the delivery when I start craving for lattes and mochas from Coffee Bean and Starbucks and Old Town so I cannot stop. Bad bad mother!

2nd pregnancy:

I ate all kinds of food accept that, I cannot drink milk. I mean I can drink the milk, but maybe because hubby is a bit more lenient this time around, I become lazy. I just drink fresh milk once in a while, unlike my 1st pregnancy. I prefer more soupy and light taste. More to simple and uncomplicated taste. Chinese style food and stir fry is on my favorite list.

I try to quit coffee but after a week I started to have this throbbing pain on top and on the side of my head. I tried everything you can imagine to stop the pain. I even consider taking pain medication but after an advice from a dear friend, I manage to stop the pain by, YES you got it right, by drinking coffee. So stopping coffee cold turkey is bad for my head. Oh well, it is not really my fault. So nowadays, in my 22 weeks pregnancy I am still an avid coffee drinker; one cup in the morning and one cup for tea time. Again, bad bad mother!

Physical appearance

1st pregnancy:

I don’t really feel the need to dress up and I prefer to stay at home because of this. I like to sit in front of the TV or browsing the internet during my spare time. I cook at home and I eat. I think I am adjusting to the fact that I am pregnant and growing bigger by the day. I am trying to embrace the new physical change and I think I have done a good job. I did freak out a bit when I saw those stretch-mark appearing on my tummy and at other place that I am ashame to mention but I survived. My bulging tummy does not really show until I am about 6 month pregnant. Some of my colleague doesn’t even notice it. After that, I rapidly grow as huge as you can imagine.

2nd pregnancy:

I am more at peace with my growing body, maybe because this is not the first time. I can accept my look and I know what to expect. I love to dress up to maintain my confidence whenever I am at work and hanging out with my friends. I even did some makeup whenever I have the time. I guess I am more calm and happy. I am now at week 22 and my tummy is already showing. I cannot even walk properly now and I think my tummy is larger than the first pregnancy.

Oh well, it is getting late and I need to go home now. It is end of Friday and it is weekend baby! I will continue to write more on my pregnancy from time to time. My memory can be very selective so I need to jot down everything before I start to forget. My hubby said I become like an old grandma after I had my girl. Well, thousands of nerve have been broken during the delivery so really, it is not my fault.

Hubby is waiting for me so goodbye and have a good weekend everyone. Enjoy your time with your loved ones!


4 thoughts on “Every pregnancy is different..

  1. Babe, which milk would u recommend me to drink among the 3? I’m thinking of getting one this weekend and it’ll be my first pregnancy milk. Btw I’m only in 7th week and quite selective at drinking fresh milk – yang ada bau mcm Dutch Lady mmg reject. Susu tepung biasa pun reject. Biasa minum goodday or marigold HL je.

    Ada org ckp Enfamama is better than Anmum. Kalu Enfamama regular tu rasa dia ada mcm vanilla sket ke mmg mcm susu tepung biasa? Or else I’ll go for chocolate. Sorilah banyak tanya sket, tapi harap dapat membantu cuz I’m a newbie… Jez inform me at FB (yatoque) whenever u free. Thanks.

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