Three kilos in one month!

Three kilos is approximately 6.61lbs! Woww. I bet it does not come from baby that much, but it is from mommy! My tummy is extra round these days and a few of my colleagues just notice that I am pregnant. Am I that small? Ahaks, thanks for making me happy even for just a sec. The head nurse on duty even ask me to weigh myself twice to make sure it is really pointing to 62kg. I guess it is not as bad. I haven’t gain much weight since I got pregnant and this time around is like a spike after a boring horizontal line. The additional three kilos have such a HUGE impact on me. Now I can feel muscle cramp in the morning, especially if I sleep on my back. So from now on, must remind myself to sleep on my side instead. My appetite is growing as fast as my tummy, if not faster! haha~ What else is new lah kan. Can’t stop thinking about food.

Going on to more interesting topic; shopping for my baby! Yes, I am still very excited even though this is our second time shopping for newborn. I may not buy a lot of clothes, but I guess the baby deserve some new ones too! Mommy deserve some retail therapy juga ya! hehe..

Shopping for baby progress 0%! Yes tuan2 dan puan2 belum bermula lg. I think once daddy got his pay this month and mommy got her meager year end bonus, we can start shop till we drop! :p Opps.. jaga2 jgn kasi kain/seluar drop sudah. Wallet and purse will be thin ladies and gentleman. Lepas shopping nnt, nantikan gambar2 hasil rembatan dan review mana tempat best nak pi shopping kat Penang ni ek.

Mothercare sales pon belum sempat pergi lg. Aduhai, why is it that the gurney plaze is so far away? Mothercare should open one more store in Queensbay lah! Easier for the bayan lepas mommies to shop. Ingat engineer kilang takdak duit ka? hehe..

Ok peeps, continue with work and stop the nonsense. Have a productive Monday ahead!


10 thoughts on “Three kilos in one month!

    • Juju dear,
      Yes i am happy indeed. Happy and hungry all the time. Can’t stop myself from shopping too! My next update will be on what I splurge this month. So sinful!

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