Fly day :p

Today is Friday. It means my weekend will start in a few hours. Ok it will start in three hours to be exact. Wohoo!

Once you hit Fryday Friday (for those working from 9 to 5, Mon to Fri it is), your mind will start wondering about plans for weekends, how to have a good relaxing weekend or more fruitful one. For my case, I will start dreaming about going for a vacation. I wish I can go to New Zealand!

Beautiful scenery perfect for family vacation and proven effective to unwind our tired mind. Another plus point or should I say a good excuse to go there is; next year’s Rugby World Cup is held in New Zealand. Hubby, let’s New Zealand 2011!

Another reason why I am thinking of New Zealand is because of AirAsiaX promotion! They are selling AirAsiaX tix from RM199 only! Check it out here->

Ok now I can stop the berangan mode. Will need to go for a group torture meeting in a few minutes. Have a good weekend everyone! Hope you have a good one. Enjoy~


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