Ayunya Mee Udang ;)

Today we went to Balik Pulau to fetch my lil bro. He finished his exam for the semester and can’t wait to meet KL. I mean, who won’t miss KL right? There are so many differences between KL and Penang I will need another entry to talk about that :p To cut it short, we are hungry and it is almost 8pm. Since we are going to pass by Teluk Kumbar town to head to Gelugor, might as well stop by and have some sinfully delicious mee udang. When talking about mee udang in teluk kumbar, our favorite will be Ayu Mee Udang or i saw the sign in the shop saying Mee Udang Cantik! I guess the owner couldn’t decide between both kot! hehe

See the the fat and yummy prawns!

I am halfway through the meal, so excuse the “bersepah” look of the dish. When my bowl arrived, I can only see the gravy full of yellow noodle or we call it mee kuning. It is like looking for a treasure, you can only see the big fat prawns when you dig further underneath the noodles. What an adventure right? hehe.. I love the gravy so much cause it is hot and a lil bit sweet at the same time. Not too thick but not too thin either. Just perfect! The prawn is absolutely fresh. You can taste the sweetness when you bite into it. Hehee.. sorry if I am making you salivating. Do let me know if you plan to come to penang and need direction to go to Ayu Mee Udang. I won’t charge a single dime I promise!



8 thoughts on “Ayunya Mee Udang ;)

  1. I used to eat Mee Udang somewhere near Telok Tempoyak, but can’t remember which stall coz there were so many. I simply can’t resist the so many prawns that comes with the Mee and its freshness tooo… Your baby must be enjoying it too 🙂

  2. wah,..
    i can smell the udang from here! its in Penang is it? hmm,..bila la nak pegi Penang ni..susah nak cari mee udang yg sedap kalau kat sini..huhu

  3. Nia dear,
    Ayu Mee udang ni famous sbb udang besar and fresh! Kuah pon sedap. A plus point, gerai ni depan rumah kampung and it is super clean. Siap sediakan restroom yang tip top bersih. Penting tuh 😉

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