Random Babbling on Saturday

This is my first time using wordpress for iPhone :p mine is not the famous iphone4 though.

Where to begin? Let me talk about my cravings for.. Food and beauty products. To tell u the truth, I did not have specific cravings but it will come and go and totally beyond my control. This second one might be more demanding than her sis Zara so I am hoping she will not be a fussy baby later.

Let me share some pictures of my beauty purchase and some of them is unnecessary! Hehe :p

From left is the Red earth eco colour baked blushing compact in Elegance. The tall blue bottle is Cyber colors all-in-1 moisturizing cleansing water with chamomile extract and hyaluronic acid. Loreal for men cleanser and moisturizer. They were on sale at Guardian so I stock these for hubby. The pink colored box is Biore cleansing oil in cotton. Maybe I will do a separate review post for all of these accept for the loreal for men stuff.

This one is another purchase from Dior this year so that I can get my hand on their member card. Woot! I bought Dior Rouge in 740 if not mistaken. It is a lovely rosie pink. Very neutral color perfect for a simple day makeup.

Next thing I have in mind is to hunt for the perfect makeup brush! If any of you happens to know of a good brush set, do let me know ya. The basic brushes for foundation, blusher, lips and eyemakeup is enough for me. 😉 I don’t know why I have a sudden urge to learn about beauty and makeup. Maybe it’s the hormone or maybe it is the time.

My Bobbi brown foundation and loose powder are finishing very soon, but I need to go all the way to gurney plaza to replenish. Since I haven’t have time for it, I am currently using Dr. G BB cream. So far so good. I will do a review on this one too. I love the fact that it is treating my skin as well as giving a light coverage before I dab on some loose powder on top. No need for another layer of foundation and it makes my skin looks real smooth.

Enough about my splurge on beauty. We had a great time last night watching Narnia 3D. Zara is behaving well and she slept halfway through the movie. A success indeed. This is Zara’s first movie experience and she keep on complaining that the place is dark and got hantu/ghost! Hehee

Before the movie, we manage to get some JPops and the fat free yoghurt at JCo with lots of topping! yummm. We have some leftover for breakfast too 😉 let me leave you with some pictures of Zara posing on the couch at JCo:


8 thoughts on “Random Babbling on Saturday

  1. Babe, mac punye makeup brush limited edition set tu ko dah tgk? RM250 ada 5 brushes x silap siap dgn case sekali. Kalo normal price sebatang pun dah RM70 gitu. Worth it sangatlah set tu… mac punya brushes pun mmg among the best gak. Btw, sangat menyokong pembelian Biore cleansing cotton tu sbb mmg best~! 😉

  2. Thanks for the recommendation dear. I know MAC got good brushes but it is expensive. That’s why I decide to do some research to find out if I have another option before buying MAC hehe.. but RM250 for a set of 5 brushes sounds like a good buy! Yes yes… sebenarnya nak beli Hada Labo sbb ada colleague recommend then second choice is this Biore cleansing cotton as recommended by another friend in her review blog :p Since Hada Labo sold out, tu yg terus beli Biore. Save time on shopping hehe.. I love review blogs! 😀

    • Juju, yes she is! I am trying to teach her the importance of cleaning up after your own mess. Especially after playing or after her meal. Maybe start with her toys first! :p

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