Padang besar trip

Happy Saturday everyone! I am now writing from Kangar and so happy that I decided to went back and spent my time at hubby’s kampung. So peaceful and thereupetic 😉

Normally hubby will reject any request for shopping whenever we are in kangar but today is a different case. Maybe it is the joyous mood coz my BIL is going to have a wedding celebration next week and we can help MIL to shop for some wedding stuff too.

The plan is to head to Padang besar early morning but as usual the plan got delayed. After two servings of nasi lemak and chicken sambal, we begin our journey at around 11am. Lucky for us it is not too crowded when we arrived there and there’s ample parking for us to choose.

We had a yummilicious pulut ayam or as you can see from the pic below, it is basically a servings of sticky rice, fried chicken with some spices as well as fried shallots. It came with a thick sweet an spicy sauce which complement the dish very well.

We had a fruitful shopping, a quick one since we already have a shopping list with us. Clothes for zara as she has grown so tall now, clothes for yours truly who is expanding every minute as well as some food and souvenir for the wedding next week. I guess next week I will be posting about the wedding!

Before I go, let me leave you with this scenery of ladang tebu/sugarcane plantation of Robert kwok d sugar millionaire. Enjoy your weekend!


2 thoughts on “Padang besar trip

    • Yes Pet! We all love to shop. Such a good theraphy for us hehe.. I love the snowflakes too. Pretty right? 😉 I shall visit your blog and see the snowflakes for myself. 😀

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