Are you “Red” enough?

Personally, red is one of my favorite color. I feel that it brings me good energy, give me the heat and motivate me to do better. Besides gold and yellow, red is my favorite color of all time.

If you talk about red in cultural context, the Chinese believe that Red symbolizes fire, which in turn associated the color with good fortune and joy! That is why the color red is a must color to wear during Chinese New Year and you can even find a lot of reds in their wedding!

In conjunction with Chinese New year, Kenny Rogers is having a Roasters Eating Day (RED) promotion on 12th of January only! Wear RED and get two Kenny Rogers Quarter Meals for the price of one! You can wear a RED lipstick, cap, t-shirts, skirts, you name it and if they can see the RED, the second quarter meal is FOC!

Checkout the flyer I got from email:

Enjoy your yummilicous roasted chicken at Kenny Rogers Roasters on 12th of January (that is two days from now!) and happy preparing for Chinese New Year and ehemm.. another long holiday. Hooray! 😉


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