Have you tanya Najib?

If you don’t know this already, our PM Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak had arranged an hour time frame on Jan11th (4.30 to 5.30pm) on the virtual world, specifically on his Facebook page as well as on Twitter for all Malaysian to ask anything, any questions to their heart desire to him by using the hashtag #tanyanajib. What happened afterwards? Besides the serious and important questions on politics as well as economy, some of the not-so-serious questions popped out too! Due to the overwhelming response, he decided to extend the time until 6p the same day.

He promised to answer the questions on the very same night, but failed. No explanation given but I bet he himself, along with his team at JPM, is struggling to answer all the questions including the silly ones.

After the long wait, PM decided to answer the questions posted by fellow Malaysians but unfortunately, he answer only the silly ones! *sigh* I hope he will be posting a more serious answers soon. We need someone we can look up to!

Checkout the video posted on Youtube:

I am not into politics at all. I am just a nobody who observe the political situation from afar.  I believe each one of them involved in politics have their own agenda. If they fulfill their duty and serve the common people like myself, then it is good enough. When they started to cheat and swindle money just for their own benefit, that is wrong!

Having said that, the current government have a lot to improve and the opposition is now stronger than ever. It is a sign of a healthy political situation and it is good to have a strong opposition parties to keep the check and balance. To let the opposition to run the show is another question. I personally does not have any faith that the opposition can really change the current condition of our country. You can promise a lot of things but once you got to the top and start to govern, it can be a totally different story. Human being are so weak once surrounded by power and money!

This is just my opinion though. Feel free to add your comments below. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and thank god it’s friday!

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