New year haul

I meant to post this a few weeks back, in the first week of the month to be exact but it remain in the draft section. Something interrupted my train of thoughts and then *poof* no mood to write :p

Well, let me continue to share with you some of the things I bought this year.

During the Metrojaya Warehouse sale:

Left: ZA Plumper Lips in 10 Brown Red, Right: Anna Sui - Rock Me Summer of Love EDT

ZA Plumper Lips in 10 Brown Red
3.5g/12 oz

It claims to provide lips with fuller and plump look with the help of Fill-up collagen. The rich red pigment provides natural yet rich color and it moisturizes lips and prevent dryness with Vitamin E in the ingredient list. I love the color but I think it is close to peach/brown hue rather than red. I will update on wether it really help to moisturize and plump my rather dry lips. So far, only Dior Rouge de Serum doesn’t dry out my lips and last the whole day.


Anna Sui – Rock Me Summer of Love EDT
50ml/1.6 oz

I love the pink and baby blue bottle, even though it does look a bit cheap. I think it is because of the plastic material. Fruity floral scent that is not too sweet and smells fresh at the same time. Combination of the flowery smell especially the water lily and rose with the white peach is really something I love! 😉

Some description:
“The flacon arrives in shape of guitar, with engraved butterfly on body of the flacon. The nuances are iridescent – ranging from pink to turquoise-blue. Composition of the new fragrance Rock Me! Summer of Love opens with bergamot, aquatic hyssop and geranium. A heart blooms with freesia, water lily and white peach, while a base encompasses musky rose, sandalwood and ambergris. The fragrance is available as 30, 50 and 75ml EDT, along with perfumed body care products.”



I am tempted to buy the Harajuku Lovers perfume by Gwen Stefani, which is selling at RM200 for two 30ml bottles. I am so in love with the cute Japanese figurine which is part of the cap for the perfume but the smell does not really impress me. It is simple, mostly sweet smell that probably more suitable for my daughter (hmm.. maybe when she is 15 :p). You get my point. Let me share the lovely Harajuku Lovers perfume bottles:

The fact that the usual retail price is RM145 per bottle of 30ml really tempt me to get it but what do I do with two bottles of cute perfume that I am not crazy about? I decided not to buy it and save the money for something better. Maybe a set of makeup brushes will be nice 😉

From Parkson Gurney Plaza:

Bobbi Brown Oil Free Even Finish Compact Foundation & Sheer Finish Press Powder

As you can see above, after a year of using these two I am running out of it and this is my 2nd purchase. I absolutely love their product! 🙂 Couple with the Oil Control Lotion with SPF 15, it makes my skin looks even and healthy. I have a dry face that tends to be oily by midday especially on the cheek and nose area, but with these lovely products I am less shiny! I admit I still need to use the oil blotter but less frequently. If you can suggest me an even better product that will stop the shine ultimately, let me know and I would love to try it out :p

On top of the two products above, they let me get a few samples to try out namely the Hydrating Eye Cream, their famous (but expensive) Cleansing Oil and Hydrating Face Tonic. I haven’t try any of them yet. I still haven’t start using Cyber Colors All-in-1 MoisturizingCleansing Water yet, coz I am currently using the Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets (phew what a long name) that I love to heart! You can read a review by Beetrice here:

Finally, my haul from Watson:

Clean & Clear Oil COntrol Film – 60 sheets (I forget how much is it already)

Watson’s Blending Brush – soft nylon bristle, suitable for blending eyeshadow and concealer

The oil control film is the only one I have been using since, err high school and I love it. I do not like the other type that looks like a tracing paper :p hehe

Ok, I have more new year haul but let me stick to the one I bought from the stores. I have a bunch of them bought online too. Bad pregnant mommy! I am afraid I have a shopaholic baby girl in my tummy. Hubby will rub his head more often in the future I guess!

If you happen to have sometime, why not share with me what you have bought this year and why you love or hate them. I love to try out new products especially the one that works! It will give me more ideas on where or what to shop for in the future. More reason to shop opps! :p

Have a good monday and here’s wishing you a good week ahead!


4 thoughts on “New year haul

  1. January x habes lagi n kau shopped banyak ni dah! Heheheh.. Since I was pregnant to Adam sampai sekarang aku kurang membeli beauty stuff. Maybe it’s the lil girl in ur tummy yang suka shopping for beauty stuff. Beware world, one pretty girl coming out soon!

    • Dear Kam,
      Kan? Lepas tulis entry ni aku cam termenung tgk byk mana aku spent :p I am a seasonal shopper. In between mostly window shopping je kih kih. Baby dlm perut ni shopaholic la Kam! (salahkan baby pulak :p)

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