Many faces of darling Zara

My girl is approaching 29 months in 10 days. This morning, when she sang “Lagu 3 kupang” with ease and such clarity, I realise she is a big girl now and no longer my cute-fat-chubby-baby. She is still a baby to me but oh my, I can’t believe how fast she grows! *sigh* Let me share these pictures so you will understand why:

Taking her bath - 3 months old

6 month old Zara

Zara on my birthday. 10 months old

Zara doing a chicken dance - 1 year old 🙂

Trying to put on her pants - 15 months

Enjoying her first spaghetti - 18 months

Lepak with mak and ayah at Coffee Bean QBay - 21 months

Celebrating her 2 yr old birthday with mak tok and tok wan during Eid 2010

My girl at 27 months 🙂

Marching school girl :p at 27 months

29 months girl - she looks so big now!

I guess as a parents, you will go through this phase so fast that sometimes you forget to cherish every moment. I know my girl can be very naughty at times and she is hard-headed or “degil” (like mother like daughter :p heh) too, but she is just a child. A child is like a white canvas where you as parent will have the responsibility to add colors and patterns to them. They learn on their own phase and they learn things first hand from you. Their behavior reflect yours so beware! :p Hmm.. I think this might applies only to little children. Those grown up and teenagers is a different story altogether. They have their friends and surrounding environment that affect their choices and judgement. Deep down I still believe, we are what our parents shape us to be. The basic and fundamental thing within ourselves come from our parents. Likewise, if you love your parents, treat them well and display your good side at all time because that, my dear readers, will display your parents’ success in raising a good person in this world. To that, let me end this post with a shout “Happy Monday, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays everyone!”

p/s: Anyone interested to know more about Lagu 3 Kupang, let me know. I might be generous enough to share you the lyrics as well as a recorded performance from our own singer in the house, lil Zara! We’ll see if it will ever materialize :p



10 thoughts on “Many faces of darling Zara

  1. comelnya zara! she’s very pretty… suka tengok dia senyum.. time flies right! sekejap je dah nak 29 months nanti 29 years.. oops.. nakk tengok zara nyanyi lagu 3 kupang plisss 🙂

    • Kam,
      Akan diusahakan! Zara selalu x mau nyanyi kalau disuruh, so kena curi2 record bila dia x sedar :p Mlm td nyanyi full song lepas dinner sbb kitorang duk layan tv tak layan dia. haha~

  2. Seriously, aku selalu boring bila baca blog mak2 citer pasal anak2 diorang (in a boring way).. but you never failed to put smiles on my face whenever you wrote about darling Zara.. keep it up Nette! 😛

    p/s – nak tengok vidz Zara nyanyi lagu 3 kupang juge! 😛

    • Sarroung dear, akan diusahakan! hehe.. susah oo nak ambik video dia menyanyi. kejap2 nak tgk diri sendiri dlm phone ni, behtu camana nak record sampai habis lagu? haha

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