Lagu tiga kupang by Zara ;)

I promise a special and unedited version of Lagu Tiga Kupang by Zara. Enjoy! hehe~~

The lyrics:

“Lagu tiga kupang
Saku penuh padi
Enam ekor burung (Zara display six with her short fingers)
Masuk dalam kuali
Bila sudah masak
Burung nyanyi saja
Tentu sedap makan
Beri pada raja (pointing to ayah.. for some reason :p)
Raja dalam rumah
Buat kira-kira
Suri dalam dapur
Makan roti gula
Heyyyy! (Excited when we start to tickle her)
Dayang tepi kolam
Mahu jemur tepung
Datang burung hitam (Hiding her face to avoid to be “patuk” on the nose on the following line haha)
Patuk batang hidung… hidung… hidung… hidung”

8 thoughts on “Lagu tiga kupang by Zara ;)

    • Juju,
      She can barely speak a clear sentence. Sometime have wrong choices of word LOL. She can remember things very well though. Maybe I will record twinkle twinkle little star and itsy bitsy spider soon to keep count on the songs that she memorized so far 😉

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