How to become a hot pregnant momma!

To tell you the truth, I have no idea! Haha 😉

Oh well, actually I have been wanting to post it here for the longest time but the post stuck in the draft section waiting to be edited. Bad blogger! :p I don’t know why, I have so many things to share but sometimes the mood is not there or I got interrupted and then *poof* the idea is gone.

Ok back to the topic at hand. Checkout this article I found on one of the pregnancy website advice. I think this one is from iVillage pregnancy site:

News flash: Pregnancy is not the time to chop your hair off. Long, layered hair is much more slimming than a short pixie (unless you are Victoria Beckham).  –I keep my hair long as usual but yeah, I am wearing a hijab so I try to dress up my head with a fancy and colorful shawl to distract people from noticing my huge ______ (insert any body parts here :p)

What is Falcon’s beauty secret? Volume! The theory is that the bigger the hair the smaller you look. Plus, hair with tons of volume is uber-sexy. Use velcro rollers or hot rollers to give your hair lots of fabulous volume for an instant slimming look. –I have no time and skill to do my own hair and with a toddler in tow, no time to go to the saloon either. Teruk I know! Thank god for my fancy shawl 😉 Poor hubby have to look at my limp and thin hair everyday hehe

The miracle of bronzer: Wondering how you can hide your double chin? Brush bronzer along your jawline to provide shading to give the illusion of a thinner neckline. Warning: Avoid overshading or you may look like you have a beard! Never a good luck on a sexy mama! – I do use bronzer especially on my cheek and on top of the brow and a bit on my chin to add a glow to my usually-pale-yellowish-uneven-skin 😉 Thank god for bronzer and highlighter!

Slimming Make-up: Make your eyes pop by lining with black eyeliner and finishing off with mascara. A soft lipstick hue will top off your look perfectly. Who will notice a double chin when you have notice-me eyes? – I seldom use mascara unless for special occassions. I put on a simple makeup everyday just to brighten my face and every pregnant ladies know that a lot of weird skin condition appears when you are carrying your precious. For my case, a lot of small pigmentation on the temple of my head and on the cheekbone yikes!

Another useful tips on dressing your beautiful (and huge) pregnant body (this is how I do it):

Wear a long and slim t-shirt dress in bright colors or with any patterns of your choice and put on a short cardigan preferably in earth-tones color. This will elongate your body and makes it appear slimmer. Pair it with a comfy slim fit pants. I believe you should invest in one or two maternity pants that have elastic waist. If you don’t have the budget, you can use your regular pants with an extender and wear it below your waist. Problem solved!

Pregnant Jessica Alba in a fitted cardigan 😉 Lovely!


If you have a maternity pants that cover ups your belly, you can also wear a stretchable t-shirt (I love those cheap colorful and stretchy t-shirts from F.O.S) and cover it with a long jacket or a long cardigan. You can buy a nice big brooch to pin on your jacket and cardigan to spice up and change your style. You can put on a colorful scarf around your neck or wear a long chain necklace as well. 😉 I have long cardigan in white, black and dark brown plus the array of colorful t-shirts to match with the jacket.

For casual weekend, wear a floral maxi dress with a cardigan and you will look so sweet in it. For a formal look, you can wear an empire cut or baby-doll cut chiffon dress and pair it with a cropped jacket. Try it out, you will look good 😉

Pretty and pregnant Jessica Alba

I personally hate the typical maternity clothes because each one of them makes me look huge! You don’t want to buy the small size since you will be growing fast in a few months time, so you ended u buying a big one. Don’t let me start on the cutting and the material. Ugh. The only one I bought from maternity shop is the maternity pants that can cover up my belly and a comfy cotton blouse that will fit me when I am too huge and cannot fit in any of my t-shirts. Go give it a try and let me know how you spice up your maternity wardrobe ya! 😉 Just leave a comment below. Sharing is caring and have a happy Monday everyone!


8 thoughts on “How to become a hot pregnant momma!

  1. Long cardies are the best to flaunt figures during maternity and after looking at “makcik-makcik” and expensive maternity wear, I’m thinking of investing more RMs in bright coloured cardies instead (and I can still wear ’em after delivery too).
    I’ve tried wearing pretty corsage / brooch to distract people attention from looking at my bump and it did work. People kept on complimenting the corsage / brooch the whole day, so they must’ve forgotten to look at other parts of the body 🙂

    • That’s true dear. You can get a nice maternity wear but it is so expensive! I can only afford one or two and it is definitely not enough. Now on 2nd pregnancy, I am smarter by investing on normal wears, just up a few sizes and you will need it at least during confinement when you are not yet back to your original size. hehe.. 😉 Cardigan especially the long cardigan is a life saver! I love long cardigan! Plus you can find a very cheap ones online, no need to travel to the stores to buy it. Thank god for online shops!

  2. Maternity clothes are so overpriced! i just concentrate on yoga / sweat pants and loose t shirts for homewear. Babydoll dresses, tunics and leggings/tights for going out. I think the only maternity dress I bought was from F.O.S! I bought a couple of dresses which are more of the straight cut type (those mod dresses, but slightly stretchy especially at the waist area due to the pleats design), so that even after delivery I can still wear them, with a waist belt! You can also try tunics which are so popular now!

    • Hi Snow,
      True, they are overpriced and can be plain ugly! During early pregnancy I bought a lot of straight cut blouses from F.O.S. I think tunic with legging is super cute too! A lot of my colleague is wearing that 😉 but I am not into legging though.

  3. I really like this tip:

    “News flash: Pregnancy is not the time to chop your hair off.”

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had some girlfriends who have talked about cutting their hair short while they’re pregnant, and I always tell them not to.

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